Modern Management Leadership

If a business overwhelms you at the beginning, begin at the end. The dynamics of current business scenarios, where firms compete with their best performing products, services to win new markets, remain in them, have a management that has given way to new leadership characteristics of a proactive, creative, innovative, able to interpret the requirements that have resulted from globalization, the demand of consumers. This has led to a new profile of the modern manager must be taken into account by universities, school administration in order to design a program to supply the necessary administrative skills to ensure good performance of the manager, in the current economic scenario.

Unfortunately many of the schools of Directors of the Venezuelan national universities have ignored the new knowledge which are required, especially when there is active participation of a new state identified with socialism has given way to programs, strategies that have significantly affected the operation of enterprises, especially SMEs., where many have been seriously affected. This fact has led some graduate programs, including management of product quality and productivity of Area Faces graduate of the University of Carabobo design your curriculum, taking into account the current weaknesses presented by the Venezuelan management in the exercise of their functions and make way for new management skills and tools to be clear about the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful organization, where in the former, are staffed with authentic leaders, advocates for change, motivating and engage their target to achieve efficiently and effectively the objectives pursued by the organizations.

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