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MAS Referendo

Bolivia is the general country that at world-wide level have had blows more, strikes and revolutions. Today one becomes the republic where of all will go away more to referendo democratic being able to revoke itself to the president, the vice-president and the governors of its 9 departments. Initially the rightist Senate called to the first one referendo to revoke to a president in injured Bolivian history. Evo, after initially attacking it like a maneuver, decided to use this against its opponents calling to referendo revocatory of all. Evo esteem that is improbable that he or the prefect cruceo Coasts loses, but he stays in to the power will do it redoubling his authority. In addition, he calculates that with this plebiscite floor to the referendos takes off pro-autonomy that planned Tarija, Beni and Pando, and that could be thrown to some of the hostile governors (the majority of the departments are directed by its party, the MAS)..

International Monetary Fund

The Basque Government destines 321.4 million Euros to promote the use, a budget armored, according to the Lehendakari. Lanbide will be one key piece in the Plan of Fight against Unemployment 2012, since through Basque Service of Use, it will be taken care of the unemployed people with a customized attention through the services of direction, formation and intermediation. In addition, the signed text today picks up the beginning of new enterprise initiatives and the search in agreements with the local agents for one better definition of objectives and criteria of action on the land that allow to diminish the rate of unemployment. In this sense, Patxi Lopez is outstanding the importance in this agreement reached between unions and employer’s association because of the collective effort will depend the recovery on our economy and our levels of well-being, has indicated the Lehendakari. The recent correction to the loss of the economic forecasts in the international and European scope for 2012 of the International Monetary Fund with respect to which it hardly published 3 months before and of the Bank of Spain alerts on the stagnation of the global economy and the new outbreak of the crisis. The socioeconomic situation of the CAV comes certain from 2008 by the deep crisis that undergoes the economies outposts, derived from the misalignments of world-wide the financial system, as well as by the threat that represent the bad situation of the sovereign debt and the duro fit to which has been put under the Eurozona, aspects that will also affect to the Basque economy during 2012. The rate of Basque unemployment has reached the 11,2% already and, in spite of the destruction of use that is taking place like for the management of rent of Madrid classrooms, it is due to aim that the rate of unemployment of Euskadi is similar to the one of France and half that the state average, being this one the first great crisis in which the Basque rate of unemployment does not surpass the average Spanish. .