MAS Referendo

Bolivia is the general country that at world-wide level have had blows more, strikes and revolutions. Today one becomes the republic where of all will go away more to referendo democratic being able to revoke itself to the president, the vice-president and the governors of its 9 departments. Initially the rightist Senate called to the first one referendo to revoke to a president in injured Bolivian history. Evo, after initially attacking it like a maneuver, decided to use this against its opponents calling to referendo revocatory of all. Evo esteem that is improbable that he or the prefect cruceo Coasts loses, but he stays in to the power will do it redoubling his authority. In addition, he calculates that with this plebiscite floor to the referendos takes off pro-autonomy that planned Tarija, Beni and Pando, and that could be thrown to some of the hostile governors (the majority of the departments are directed by its party, the MAS)..

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