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Auto Safety Tips

Many of us are afraid of losing his car, his “steel horse” and thus did not adequately relate to installing anti-theft systems. Now the market anti-theft systems are so diverse that it is easier find the “needle” in a haystack, than to take educated decision about the choice. First of all, no harm to remember that the alarm system on Finance on the accepted stereotypes must be worth at least 15% of the cost of transport funds. In this application only the electronic system in your car does not always give a hundred percent security effect, of course, they can save you from those who are unprepared for Chopok, but from professional thieves do not save. Since they are armed with all kinds of scanners that can read the signal transmitting alarms, and with his help unlock your car and steal. According to this so that your dream was quieter when the machine standing at the window always combine mechanical devices with electronic protection. Then, even if your alarm signal will be intercepted by scanners, the hijackers kill time on to open the mechanical anti-money, and at best will not be easy to communicate with them and throw your car.

Ideally, funds should be applied blocking transmission. Just for reliability in self-repair, you can hidden under the lining itself off unnecessary cell phone with a SIM card, which gives a chance to track the car on the trail of a sim card phone. Just by installing an electronic system in your car is not worth refuse to glass break sensors and locks for the hood. And the electronic sensor capable drown your car if needed at an emergency command from the console or over time. Dean gibson may also support this cause. And most importantly if You do not have a garage, do not leave your car without the need for non-secure sites. If this sad time still had a do not delay going to the police station and then to immediately go in the territorial division, where you are obliged to adopt a statement on the theft of the vehicle.

A strict application forms do not exist, you can write in any form. You can then go home and wait to either sad or excellent on return your steel horse. And remember what state the operational agencies in the right order of stealing your vehicle the more likely that it exists.

SKF Disc

During his time FIAT 124 was equipped rear disc brakes, but the domestic auto industry abandoned them for various reasons. Sure, it is worth mentioning that we finally need to, that would to defect from drums to disc brakes? Gain of 412 125 ATE torioznyh drives, and can, in general it had spent on the most vital, as many put it, a cool version of the type 512 125 ATE Ability Disk, but not necessarily that they will effective, but they are significantly more expensive. And do not even have to say that the caliper gain from VAZ 2108 (2108-3501013 2108-3501012 left and right so). Notice that now crosses to, as everyone knows, the toughest part. All know that that would say so, we need to plant shop, in the end, the rear axis protochit before planting diameter disc brakes. All have long been aware that this operation may say so in order some plant that has to be on demand small, but perfectly sensible costs. Please note that the calculated and subsequently produce the planting of support, taking into account the experiment about the development of the front calipers. And do not even have to say that, together with, as we are constantly talking, half-plant change the bearings, for example by SKF (VKBA973). It is necessary to send the respect that the outside bearing require very precise, in the end, do not trample finally admit their razbaltyvaniya, as it can finally become, as we are constantly talking prerequisite brake damage and tragedy.