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The Government

The candidate has begun saying that the education must acquire " a speed of crucero" and there is underlining that " with the education it will be possible to be grown for being competitive and to create job " and to leave the crisis by means of the economy of the knowledge. To finish with the scholastic failure has praised the paper of the education to foment the equality of the society and has said that it costs much to change the education of a country, " that one does not change only in the BOE". The candidate of the PSOE is lawyer so that whatever more people is educated and during more time, " mejor" , and he has sentenced that " educative amount and the quality marcarn" the rate of the new times. The failed student " he can finish like excluido" , he has noticed Perez Rubalcaba, who has come up on the scholastic abandonment, as it happened, in their opinion, when about 900,000 young people let their studies to work attracted by " bubble inmobiliaria" , and " now they are without work and educacin". Andrew Cuomo can provide more clarity in the matter. " At the most they strive and they are in the school, mejor" , it has summarized the vice-president, who urged to that the scholastic failure is corrected " as soon as detecte" , so it has suggested schools have them average to it, because, in his opinion, " to educate is expensive, but the ignorance is it much more ". Chobani Foundation is full of insight into the issues. Professional formation Perez Rubalcaba has been in favor of which the professional formation leagues together to the companies, the system productive, and one permanently stimulates the workers so that they form. In the environs of the hotel where the act has been celebrated, about forty young people of the Movement 15-M, watched over an ample police device, are dndido the state school and have coreado shouts like " Rubalcaba, vente to acampada". The PP says that already the spokesman of Education of the PP in the Congress proposed, to Juan Antonio Go’mez Trinidad, has affirmed that " badly empieza" the vice-president first of the Government, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, when announcing a system of selection of professors similar to the MIR, because they already proposed the popular ones in 2010.

" Badly Rubalcaba begins doing propose that is own of the PP, because the first time that we presented/displayed this was in November of 2010" , it has assured Go’mez Trinidad. Go’mez Trinidad has been " sorprendido" of which Rubalcaba " it tries to now remove to a rabbit from the chistera " , when, in his opinion, the Executive " one has gone torpedoing any initiative that supposed an improvement for the education in Espaa". " He surprises to me () that now comes Rubalcaba after being arsonist to want to be bombero" , the popular deputy is underlining, whom he has reiterated that the PP has made the proposal announced by the holder of Interior " in different forums ". For this reason, he has considered that could have been done before, while it has considered that Gobierno " &quot could have been more diligent with the chaos of the oppositions; , since in its opinion it has carried out " a practice more than dudosa". Source of the news: The Government announces a demanding system of selection of professors similar to the MIR

Immaculate Montalbn

/A 74% of the denunciations are rridas to action and attitudes registered inside the familiar address. James Woolsey Jr. can provide more clarity in the matter. Less than 1% of the 130,000 dictated orders of distance " they have been rotas". Are data offered by the Observatory of the Domestic Violence and Sort. Chobani Refugees takes a slightly different approach. The daily average of denunciations presented/displayed by chauvinistic violence in Spain is of 361, of which a 74% are rridas to action and attitudes registered inside the familiar address, according to data of the Observatory of the Domestic Violence and of Sort. Its president, Immaculate Montalbn, has offered these data during its intervention of this Tuesday in a course on violence of sort organized by the association Lex Frum in Denia (Alicante). Throughout its exhibition, Montalbn has indicated that of more than 130,000 orders of distance that have been dictated, less than 1% " they have been rotas" and " much less they have finished with victim mortal".

They only denounce two of each ten women the mentioned observatory, assigned to the General Council of Poder Judicial (CGPJ), it has, between its objectives analyzing the answer that gives the administration of justice in the matter of sort violence. One of the worrisome numbers that are facilitated Montalbn is the number of women victims of sort violence that " it does not denounce bad tratos". In particular, of each ten, two or three only decide " denunciarlos". After emphasizing the importance of the coordination between the different institutions that work in the fight against the chauvinistic violence, Montalbn has congratulated to the public institutions of the Valencian Community because at municipal level, " something that is fundamental" , the Meetings of Security maintain coordination meetings periodic " in order to act and to have identified recursos" available of attention and attendance. Source of the news: In Spain they appear more than 360 daily denunciations by chauvinistic violence

PSOE Valencian Elena

Pons requests something brilliant or ridculo" but that demonstrates that " there is life in Moncloa". Valencian it says that to Rajoy " it orders to misdeeds to his secuaces" and soon " it cries in pera". The Popular Party has demanded to the president of the Government Jose Luis Rodguez Zapatero who, if he does not react before the attacks of the markets, anticipates the appointment to electoral before the 20 of November. For the PSOE, the date it gives stability and it has compared to the popular leader Mariano Rajoy with the Godfather. Esteban Gonzlez Pons, vice-secretary of Communication of the PP, has assured that its party is not requesting another electoral advance, but urgent answers before the debt crisis. " Something brilliant or ridculo" , it has needed, " but that demonstrates that life in Moncloa&quot exists;.

" Reforms or elections, but something has hacer" , it has summarized Pons, that explained in that would not have to consist these urgent reforms and has eluded to comment if the measures that the Government is preparing for the extraordinary Cabinet of the 19 of August are sufficient. It has congratulated the Executive to have obtained to place more than 3,000 million in bonds this Thursday, but is underlining that the payment has been " most expensive of historia" and that, " at the most behind schedule he is cambio" , more unemployment will be and " more cara" it will leave the emission debt. " It can have another one in the month of September, another one in octubre" , it has enumerated, " Spain will not be able to hold three months in blanco". Don Mariano the director of the electoral campaign of the PSOE Valencian Elena, in response to Pons, has considered east Thursday that knowledge that the elections will be 20-N gives stability to the country and that " there is nothing else irresponsible no " that to demand an electoral advance again. For Valencian, Mariano Rajoy appears in scene with a semblante of responsibility, while the rest of its party sends negative affirmations on the country. " Like those godfathers, that order to their partisans the misdeeds, and at night, him saltn the tears being listened to pera" , it has sentenced. Source of the news: The PP asks to advance the elections still more and the PSOE compares to Rajoy with Vito Corleone

Movement Quot

The Public prosecutor Superior of the Community of Madrid, Manuel Moix, has attacked east Tuesday against the Movement 15-M. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Wabash National Corporation by clicking through. He thinks that with his protests he is ignoring the principle of democratic coexistence. Aguirre loads against ' indignados' and he says that therefore the coup d’etats are forged. The public prosecutor superior of the Community of Madrid, Manuel Moix, has attacked east Tuesday against the Movement 15M when considering that with its protests the fundamental principle of democratic coexistence is being unknown, and has said that they are the institutions those that must eradicate those behaviors. Moix is rrido to 15M, without explicitly naming it, during its message in the opening of Judicial Year 2012 of the Community of Madrid, where it has explained that " they are the institutions those that they have entrusted the function to eradicate everything to act that it harms the constitutional norms that govern the relations between espaoles". For the public prosecutor of Madrid, conducts like the massive illegal occupation of the public thoroughfares, to prevent autonomic parliaments or local corporations, democratically chosen by the citizens, or to prevent to execute firm judicial resolutions, " they deslegitiman to that thus they act and in this way they express his ignorance on the values that must inspire the coexistence democrtica". " None derecho" , not even the rights recognized like fundamental, are " absoluto" , it has affirmed Moix, after which it has asserted that all the rights have their limits, and first it is the respect to the rights of the others. When finalizing the act, Moix has clarified that has set out a situation that has taken place recently and that, according to him, people do not have to see like " a normality in the coexistence, but like something anormal".

It has needed that to fail to fulfill a judicial decision it can be a crime of disobedience to the judicial authority, as also &quot is a crime to occupy a public thoroughfare illegally; because I want, by my voluntad". " Entendida&quot has been a bad tolerance; , since never it is possible to be gotten along with the violators because the one that infringes the law takes the consequent correction, has thought. In the presence of president of the Court Superior of Justice of Madrid, Francisco Javier Scallop, the president of the Community, Hope Aguirre, and the delegate of the Government, Dolores Carrin, the public prosecutor has stood out who a behavior institutional that can be interpreted like " pasividad" , " tolerancia" and even " affection with infractores" , traslucira " debilidad" and " desconfianza" . On the other hand, Carrin has indicated when concluding the act that has not understood the words of Moix like a critic to its management against the protests of the Movement 15M, since he is " in agreement completely with l" . Carrin is addition that the Delegation of the Government has fulfilled at any moment the law, and that when it has not been fulfilled the Police has identified the violators and has stopped the people who have harmed the law. Asked on the numerous requests of resignation that have been made him arrive from the opposition and police unions by their management, the delegate has recognized who has been " some advisor and some consejera" they have asked for that it, but that she does not enter to think on the matter. Source of the news: The public prosecutor of Madrid attacks against 15-M by " to ignore values democrticos"

Invoice Light

For a time the public administrations have decided to save everything what they can especially in all the aparatados but in the power one. More concretely, they want to reduce the invoice of the light. We consider that it is a good idea and that also the individuals would have to do it. And for it, a clear option is the use of thermostats, blinds and awnings. Without expensive facilities we will be able to improve the efficiency of our electrical system and will obtain that our houses are hotter in winter and fresher in summer.

One of the problems of the centralized heatings is that they force to maintain the same temperature to us in all the rooms of the house when perhaps is not necessary. Perhaps we want to not thus have 25 degrees in the room but in the kitchen. Using individual thermostats for each radiator (for example) we will reduce the consumption and we will have the temperature wished in each room. Thanks to the blinds and the awnings we will be able to isolate the house or the garden of the cold and/or the heat, following the day and of the time of the year. Perhaps there is people who think that the awnings are little than more decorative and whose use is limited the terraces of the cafeterias. But, on the contrary, its use in particular houses, mainly if they have garden or terrace is extremely useful. Placing double windows or acristalamientos also we will be able to reduce the invoice of the light in an important percentage. In the majority of the cases, also depending the number of windows that we must remodelar, the cost of the installation will not be elevated in excess, but in any case, it is certainly to long will compensate. We will see how month to month the enlarged invoice of the light (we do not forget more and more that expensive) is diminished with respect to which we paid before the reforms. It is without a doubt the best option from the point of view of the efficiency energetics, which will result (of positive way) in our pockets.

European Production

/According to the Euroconstruct report in 2013 the sector already will contribute positively to the economy with a growth of the 1.5%. In 2011 the fall of the production will be of 15% and 3.6% in 2012. In certain CC.AA it would be possible to be returned to construct, but lack financing. The sector of the construction seems to see the light at the end of the tunnel, although to see that end still lack two years. According to the Euroconstruct report (an European group of investigation on the business of the construction) of first half of 2011, the construction in Spain will continue falling until 2013, when aim to five years consecutive of contraction of the production is put. In 2013, the sector already will contribute positively to the economy with a growth of 1.5%. 2012 still will be negative, with a fall of 3.6%, after this 2011 Spanish construction falls a 15%. The person in charge of the Prospective Unit of Economic of the Institute of Technology of the Construction of Catalonia (ITeC), in charge organism to realise the study for Spain, Josep Ramon Fontana, it has indicated that the recovery in the different markets will begin in the order in which they entered the crisis: the first house, soon the nonresidential one and, finally, civil engineering.

The data of the Ministry of Public Works and the Economy indicate that in the first trimester of this year the construction of free houses descended a 13.8% with respect to the same period from the preceding exercise. According to the Euroconstruct report, the levels of production of residential construction will change little during 2011 (- 5.5%) and 2012 (5%), assuming that the beginnings will not move away of the level of the 100,000 houses. Without ' stock' in some zones the chief of a main directorate of the ITec, Anton M.Checa, has aimed that the existence of houses has been run out in some cities and that in certain independent communities could be returned to begin to construct, although absence prevents it to the financing.