PSOE Valencian Elena

Pons requests something brilliant or ridculo" but that demonstrates that " there is life in Moncloa". Valencian it says that to Rajoy " it orders to misdeeds to his secuaces" and soon " it cries in pera". The Popular Party has demanded to the president of the Government Jose Luis Rodguez Zapatero who, if he does not react before the attacks of the markets, anticipates the appointment to electoral before the 20 of November. For the PSOE, the date it gives stability and it has compared to the popular leader Mariano Rajoy with the Godfather. Esteban Gonzlez Pons, vice-secretary of Communication of the PP, has assured that its party is not requesting another electoral advance, but urgent answers before the debt crisis. " Something brilliant or ridculo" , it has needed, " but that demonstrates that life in Moncloa&quot exists;.

" Reforms or elections, but something has hacer" , it has summarized Pons, that explained in that would not have to consist these urgent reforms and has eluded to comment if the measures that the Government is preparing for the extraordinary Cabinet of the 19 of August are sufficient. It has congratulated the Executive to have obtained to place more than 3,000 million in bonds this Thursday, but is underlining that the payment has been " most expensive of historia" and that, " at the most behind schedule he is cambio" , more unemployment will be and " more cara" it will leave the emission debt. " It can have another one in the month of September, another one in octubre" , it has enumerated, " Spain will not be able to hold three months in blanco". Don Mariano the director of the electoral campaign of the PSOE Valencian Elena, in response to Pons, has considered east Thursday that knowledge that the elections will be 20-N gives stability to the country and that " there is nothing else irresponsible no " that to demand an electoral advance again. For Valencian, Mariano Rajoy appears in scene with a semblante of responsibility, while the rest of its party sends negative affirmations on the country. " Like those godfathers, that order to their partisans the misdeeds, and at night, him saltn the tears being listened to pera" , it has sentenced. Source of the news: The PP asks to advance the elections still more and the PSOE compares to Rajoy with Vito Corleone

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