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Getting Credit

In recent years, the financial market there are many proposals from organizations and individuals to assist in obtaining credit. Andrew Cuomo might disagree with that approach. Who are these mediators, and whether to seek their help? Try to answer: "The division Credit brokers in black, gray and white concept is very conditional and is based on the working methods of the mediator. Consider the basics. Black credit broker arranges financing for its customers two basic methods: – help for a fee to make a statement of earnings, employment records, and solve other issues for submitting a complete set of documents to the bank. These credit intermediaries, usually take non-refundable down payment or 100% prepay for their services. The service is in demand for those not able to verify your income or do not have any income – Organization of loan is done by collusion credit intermediary and responsible officer of the bank for a specified percentage of the loan amount.

This service is in demand among people who have bad credit history, and the urgent need to get a loan "at any price." In both cases, the services "Black brokers" have resorted so-called "troubled borrowers." It should be remembered that the activities of these mediators is suppressed by banks, and is penal in nature. "Grey mortgage broker" does not work faking documents, and without promising to negotiate with the bank turn a blind eye to past sins. " Working procedure of such an intermediary be placed on optimizing the time-consuming client, ie, client submits a package of documents, and "gray Broker sends these documents to several banks simultaneously. Calculation of the mediator consists in the fact that several banks who are now one, and maybe a few will give a positive solution. This service is in demand among people who do not willing to spend time walking alone on the banks. The disadvantage of this activity is the fact that the client can spoil his credit history.

This is due to the fact that after reviewing the application, Many banks record the fact of applying for a loan to the credit bureau, and if the gray broker "sent" good luck "10 identical bids in 10 banks, as well gave only one bank, and 9 refused, and entered on the credit bureau stamp refusal, the next time to take a loan would be extremely problematic. White mortgage broker provides services in arranging funding based on their experience. Optimization of time-consuming customer at the White Broker not carried out a random mailing of applications to banks, and the method of selection of the desires and capabilities to customer requirements and conditions of a bank. For this reason, the "white brokers" are often established by former bank employees with experience in banking. "

Objective Of Employees

In the area of emotional comfort people work easily with pleasure, and copes with its responsibilities. James Woolsey pursues this goal as well. This is natural. Every man instinctively seeks to positive emotions. We learn and work best when we have good mood when we are interested. Learn more on the subject from Hikmet Ersek. In this case, we are mobilizing all its potential. And after we most want to see the circumstances in which we enjoyed, repeat. Negative emotions, on the contrary, lower performance, impair mental performance, reduce ability to concentrate and as a consequence, lower productivity. Whatever the operational officer, when his entourage, or in his mind there factors which impede him feel good and comfortable at work, its effectiveness is reduced by several times and the situation itself causes a reaction of rejection.

Meanwhile, one of the main tasks of any manager is as time to take full advantage of the full potential of their employees. That is the objective of all the work on motivation. Increased productivity and, consequently, profitability – that is the result of the introduction competent system of motivation. And here, as we see, can not do without the control of emotional sphere. Manager if he wants to be truly effective, must be able to manage emotions, how their and their employees. And a competent manager, before asking the question: "How to achieve greater impact from subordinates?" Should ask themselves the question: "How to change their emotions in the right direction for the cause?". It would seem, is known to all. Indeed, there is nothing fundamentally new. But in practice few people do anything in this field.


But even in total darkness, most people retain a sense of space. Being in the lighting, but a closed room, you are just a few hours will no longer feel the movement of time. And if you want to calculate how long you are in this room, you are very mistaken in their calculations. Therefore, if we rely on our memory, we do not notice what is spent our time 'Working with the list of planned Affairs on the first day increases productivity by 25%. C in the evening to cook a list of tasks that have to do tomorrow. Arriving at work, you'll always know where to start your day. Continue to work by making a list of During the day: when a new case make it to the list, with priority with respect to the previously scheduled tasks.

After completing the next task from the list, be sure to cross out her. This will give you a sense of satisfaction with their work, will add enthusiasm and energy charge. Plan from large to small, from long to short, from the life goals to plan for the day. Each task, put a fixed period of time. Complex the problem always divide into smaller subtasks. Here well to the decision tree, where the key task – the tree, and subtasks to accomplish it – the branch. Continue to 'fork' as long as the process of implementing the entire problem becomes simple and transparent. Before you start to do something, think about the rule of 10/90: 10% of the time spent on planning before the start of the task, save 90% time in its solution.

Methods Of Debt Collection

Methods of debt repayment contractual This path is applicable mainly to a bona fide borrower. Their number is about 70%. Most do not return the debt – because, quite simply, forgotten, not calculated, etc. In this case, the Claims the order of "refreshing" the obligation of the borrower to pay principal and interest thereon. SYPartners will not settle for partial explanations. Meaning of claim correspondence is reduced to achieve a settlement agreement between the parties. Often in the claim letter debtor appeals emotional component, and the facts of violation of the treaty.

In fact, the debtor in this sense must be made to understand not only the fact of delay in payment as a "burden" of sanctions in case of further delaying the payment of contract. To a greater extent the debtor responds to the claims of creditors, if any, come from third parties – companies that the Inland contract with the creditor, fulfill the obligations of debt demand. For some dishonest defaulters the negotiation stage of the dispute – it is just a cover for release time to slip out of the assets under a foreclosure. It is important to remember the lender about the possibility of debt restructuring provide the borrower a grace period of repayment, etc. It is necessary to compromise, and in that case, if the borrower defaults on objective reasons is not ready to back all day, but be sure tomorrow. Because "Defaulter-day" can turn into a "hopeless" debtor tomorrow, when the charge has nothing. Formally assume power, all negotiations with the borrower to repay debts amicably have failed.

Motivating Yourself for Success

Comes the long winter nights, thinking about the lived days of the year How to prepare for another winter of life? How to analyze lived through a year and smotivirovat themselves to achieve higher goals next year? I want to to share with you some thoughts about self-motivation. I think many want to be successful. I hope that the thoughts expressed to help you with this and advise where to start wanting to be successful should be ashamed science of psychology has identified nine major driving forces that make people charged desire to live, create, improve. All of them are in the most simple human needs: to be recognized in society, to become free and realize their goals, engage in charity, love and be loved, to have a family, to contemplate the spectacle, to win, to have power and money. Long gone are the days when the desire to be rich and beautiful life condemned others and was considered almost Fall.

Today it is normal and natural as sleeping and breathing. So use fully their needs, dream and build the most incredible plans. And in any case, do not let your dream until sproetsiruesh it to your notebook. From that moment on, as soon as the idea materialized on a piece of paper, it appears a thousand times more likely to translate into reality. Good motivation – the key to success in any case Psychologists lead such a case. One worker for many years, returning from a night shift home, enjoyed the same way.