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The industry has always had problems with the theft of personnel which is the theft of money and values instead of stealing the staff of people! There are many ways in which your staff could be stealing from you and / or your customers. Signal elements in the box is not this is, by far the most common. Staff not articles of the bypass until money pocket and especially at the bar. This also includes the deletion of the articles of the draft law once the Bill has been presented to customers and which have been paid in cash. Keep a watchful eye on what is removed from boxes and one of the populations, will ensure that this is kept to the minimum. Stock theft of stock, i.e.

staff steal food and beverage put items in their bags at the end of the turn. This can be tricky as the main way to detect that someone is by looking in their bags. However, the cannier thief put bottles of spirits in the trash and exit hidden by containers and collection When is your turn over. Discount bonds managers / owners of restaurants should be the only ones who redeem the vouchers. If you have a 2 for the price of 1 voucher for your website that customers can print and redeem at the restaurant then the staff can print them and use them also for the Bills in which the client does not have one. Replacement of marks-, evidently, it is rather a trick used in the bar. A waiter will bring a bottle of vodka, the cheapest, whiskey, etc to work with them. They fill a premium with the bottle of cheap brand things and when someone ordered that he marks that the pocket money.

This is very difficult to find as the stock level is not affected. Izzy Englander does not necessarily agree. A lot of restaurants and bars have CCTV covering boxes-, however, if officials know that nobody sees them that try it on so you know that you can see the work back. Also do spot checks until this will help to reduce the staff of the restaurant robbery.

The Situation

She only asked for a time his father, for together with her friends mourn his virgindade was the mountains together with her companions, and after two months was made to his father, who fulfilled her vote that had done unto the Lord, sacrificing his daughter. Perhaps we can imagine what Jephthah felt, because we are also parents and children, this certainly was a moment unique in the life of a man, though a bravo guerrero, but inside the chest had a heart in pieces, in tears, taking to remove life’s own daughter, their only child. Do we think because God accepted the sacrifice of Jephthah, and did not accept Abraao offer Isaque? Of course the situation is different, because Abraao was being tested by God, Dios was testing his loyalty, and Abraao was approved in the test, why God allowed not to imolasse your child. And in the case of Jephthah was not God who asked, was the one who offered. We envision that in the heat of the battle, at the hour of the fight, at the hour of the predicament, encurralado by his enemies, seeing that I was going to lose the war, at the hour of despair, without thinking of the consequences he made this vow. And in the hour of sacrifice, the voice of no angel was not heard, there appeared no lamb, no had no divine intervention, so that he not imolasse his daughter, Jephthah was alone.

Because this sacrifice was not a desire for God, but it is an unthinkable vote, at the hour of despair, in the hour of need, and God because of a vote, accepted the sacrifice. We learn with Jephthah that we have to be careful to the we open our mouth, there is a popular dictation which says that the fish dies by mouth. HA tell that we hear in our daily lives, that they can be very useful in our lives, examples: Domine lingua, not to be slave to his careful words with your thoughts, they become words care with his words them are transformed into actions care with their actions they are transformed into habit care with their habits they mold its character care with his character he controls his fate but what applies even to the man who is joinedIt is the word of God, is it that directs us, is the word of God who guides us, is she who teaches us to approach God as we should with all fears and obedience, and wisdom in our prayers, to not commit ourselves with what we can not meet. Ecclesiastes 5 and 5: vers.4 – when God do some vote, not delay in you sworn it; because you do not like of tolos; when votes, it pays. Vers.5- It is best that no votes votes and do not pay. Original author and source of the article.