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Russian Federation

Employer’s duty to provide for certification of workplaces on working conditions and subsequent certification of the organization of labor protection is installed in st.212 Labour Code. According to the order Health Ministry of Russia on August 31, 2007 N 569 “On the Procedure for the workplaces on working conditions, at least once every 5 years, must be carried out certification of all working conditions at workplaces. Procedure for awp for ut regulates the activities of employers – legal entities and employers – individuals, except for employers – individuals who are not individual entrepreneurs, to conduct certification of workplaces on working conditions, issuance and use of certification results and determines the research methods in the assessment of working conditions. awp for ut is to use the conditions in the workplace to identify hazardous and (or) safety hazards and implement measures to bring conditions into compliance with state statutory requirements of occupational safety. Fender often expresses his thoughts on the topic. arm on ut includes hygienic evaluation of working conditions, assessment of injury prevention and security personnel protective equipment.

Dates of the awp for ut in the organization are established based on the fact that each workplace should be appraised at least once every five years. Mandatory re-certification of workplaces on working conditions (recertification) are subject to employment: – after the replacement of production equipment – changes in the technological process of collective protection, etc. – in identifying violations of the established order at the request of officials of the federal executive body authorized to conducting state supervision and monitoring compliance with labor laws and other normative legal acts containing norms of labor law, as well as the executive authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation responsible for carrying out state expertise of working conditions..

More Important Business

On the rules of writing a tactical business cases, and the importance of compliance. How to make top managers from the secretaries and assistants coaches, skillfully giving the millions of clarifying questions about the problem-solvers. Rule: heads of line units are business cases, and the top managers are addressing these business cases. Solution business cases (complicated or unusual cases) has occupied its niche in education, including mba, and self-education. Internet is replete with references are invited to participate in the decision to create its own carrying case. And the game is quite entertaining and exciting.

Until then, until this game. In the activities of a real company, managers each day engaged in just the solution business cases. Large and small, strategic and tactical, and more tactical. Their main difference from the training cases is that of each particular decision depends future transactions, employee and sometimes the entire company. This article is not about the case study the strategic level. It's about that same daily routine, which runs daily leader – the decision of the cases of interaction with external and internal clients. And well, if such a case as regards staff unit that is in our direct supervision.

Thought for a moment, ask clarifying questions, made a decision, denounced him to the singers – done. The company is mechanism, which interact with many elements. And if you have a company for more than one leader, then there is a chain solutions case. Appear the business processes of interaction between units, and in this interaction daily crashes.