Switzerland Experiment

The machine of God will be the end of the world? Scientists in Switzerland will try to explain, through a complex experiment, the creation of the universe. To that end, was built a large machine named (LHC in English) whose function will be the produce collisions between particles to recreate the creation of the universe as it happened in the Big Bang. The LHC has giant magnets located in a 27 km tunnel where energy particles collide at high speed. The cost of the experiment around 9000 million of dollars and its construction took 20 years. 10 000 scientists from all over the world be evaluated, measured and analysed what happens to collide particles and what emerges from these. Ran the rumor that an error in calculations in the experiment would be a huge black hole and the world would disappear. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Governor Cuomo. However, scientists say that the experiment is completely safe.

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