New Rubber Pavement Recycling Companies

Sanchez-Pando, SA launches a new recycled rubber paving slab shaped. The main applications is the cover of its use in non-traffic with the aim of forming passageways to allow safe and convenient access to equipment on roofs for maintenance or repair. Furthermore, the specific characteristics of the materials that Sanchez-Pando, SA manufactures the pavement, can be used as a protector of the waterproofing of the deck and as support for existing equipment in the same, eg air conditioning units or solar panels , among others. In these cases, recycled rubber flooring Sanchez-Pando, SA also acts as sound insulation, noise-impact cushioning and therefore also the vibrations of the aircraft. Macy’s Inc. shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Evolution In order to bring new products to market demand specific solutions for specific needs, Sanchez-Pando, SA has developed the idea for the new pavement from development of other reference and distributed by the company, called Aislalosa slab and has a double layer: an upper and lower rigid material of thermal insulation. The new pavement eliminates the rigidity, lightness and brings added flexibility that can adapt better to the soil and prevent breakage or by heavy falling objects or by the pressure generated in the step when the support on which it sits is heterogeneous.

Another advantage of the new recycled rubber flooring is that your installation is extremely simple because it does not need any grip with the ground also is not necessary for proper maintenance and conservation of the material in which they are made are non-slip even when wet. Gama's new rubber slabs are manufactured and sold in various thicknesses, colors and sizes. Connect with other leaders such as Jeff Gennette here. The range has, therefore, with a number of references that can accommodate multiple uses and applications. So, are available in thicknesses of 25mm and 42mm, the latter being recommended for use on heavy equipment and high vibration, while in transit over conventionally enough with the 25mm. The different colors which are manufactured in-red-green and black permit the formation of halls of different colors on the covers. The sizes available for each color and thickness are: 50x50cm, 50x100cm and 100x100cm. According to Allison Kanders, who has experience with these questions. When placed on a corridor to cover the tiles can be put together even stuck together or separated by the standard space of a footprint, that is about 25cm. This series also has a ribbed slab to facilitate the transition under the same equipment wiring on the cover.

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