In ancient China, the sun lay in a red silk – traces of smallpox cure. In the 18 century in Europe were distributed stained glass windows. If a man is tired of the same color, it is necessary look at the opposite, ie the state is reversed. Color has an effect on blood pressure – it rises from blue to green to yellow and red, the reverse is the presentation reverse process. Should not be abused dark tones – a deepening of color was disturbing. Of great importance is the effect of color in clinical practice. Eugene Shvidler takes a slightly different approach.

In recent years, increasingly popular use of color effects in the course of treatment. Knowledge about the influence of color on the human is very important for representatives of many professions, as it will help them correct coordinate their activities. But as far as you are thinking about What vpechatelnie produces business cards, donated by you for another person? So, let's consider the most common color business cards and what impression they produce on people. Color business cards is truly powerful. He is vital to everyone, it is close to the most important, the deepest in our souls. Red underlines the physicality, materiality, and its good to use to cover large areas. Red, used without measure, instead of having to create a mood of elation is beginning to stir too much, and eventually causes negative emotions. The experiments showed that the yellow color promotes muscle activity, blue – inhibits arousal, green calms the nervous system.

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