End Frank Sadiq Cologne

Intuitively sense the right and this property has to be learned again. We are able to program the PC and the DVD player, but significantly, we have forgotten that. Would we rely more on our heart, gut and this coupled with trust in God, then we could the world enemy No. 1 fight “The fear”. Yes fear attracts misfortune so who thinks he must take some precautions so that the accident does not meet him, but in reality already, confirms that he will sacrifice of the situation.Or in other words, thoughts are living beings who seek realization.

I tell them something, a loving person needs nothing to worry about, because he wants each of his luck and it can rebound also has no negative effect on him. He needs no fears of the eternal law to have, cause – effect because everything comes from the people, yes him bounced back. Or as my wife likes to say, treat each of its million euro and there aren’t any pumps?But there are people who themselves have closed against the good (consciously or unconsciously by destructive thoughts), but this comes back effect on them as return to sender and wouldn’t yet the worst, or? Some might argue now, the last years have been very hard and I have given each of his luck and still life has taken me to full hardness. Now, the last three years have been Karma years. A the Atonement which leads back up to the last incarnation, so that the way for everyone to ascend in the heights Multicarrier is personally free and a way out of the duality and about the 21.12.2012 addition.

So, the last years for them should have been difficult, they rejoice, God is still great with them. You are on your way and God gives no one a stone, asking him for the bread. We get what we need at the moment to our spiritual maturity (even though it is not always what we would like). She open her heart, she answered in the affirmative the upcoming changes, they serve the purpose for a just world in which each person is important! Of course, we are close to a next economic crisis and precious metals are the best alternative to all the Economy currencies. But the economic crisis is important because there are some dark forces which must be removed from power, so that we free ourselves from the present enslavement. Can it really isn’t it, that only 6% of the world population own over 70% of the world capital and miserably starvation? This has gotta stop! End Frank Sadiq Cologne part I

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