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Sunset Beach

In general, the leadership of abnormal thinking only of profits and customers. That's horrible! As the man had no luck with work! But we all sometimes go in the shop, and, strange as it seems, want us to smile, and the employer is unlikely to need a staff member takes '' And here is another mistake made during the interview. Nice girl, pretending to job Interpreter, well kept during the interview, and almost got job offer, he suddenly said: 'Is not there any working day ends a little sooner, otherwise I would be hard to keep up with' Love and Sunset Beach. " The result of such statements, I think you is clear: the work accepted by the other the candidate, and a girl we do not worry – albeit quietly watching tv By the way, if you have successfully passed the interview at the recruitment agency, and it proposed the candidature of your employer – be careful! From your Conduct a meeting with the employer depends not only possible placement for the job, but also further cooperation with the agency. Our agency (most agencies) is practicing the presence of his consultant during the interview at the company. And here you have to hold the dual test: the employer evaluates you as a potential employee, and consultant – as a potential candidate for similar jobs in other companies. Therefore, going for an interview, consider what would happen if you, for example: late for a meeting with the employer for 15 min, received an offer from the agency about the new jobs, again late for a meeting with employer, did not arrive for a meeting with the employer, which you have previously warned staff recruitment agency, forget to wash his head, put on socks In general, put himself in order, and will come with a twang alcohol after a night of partying. List goes on So – nothing will! And, above all, no more job offers, searching for you and appealed to the recruiting agency. After all, any agency values its reputation Avoid embarrassing mistakes because, as it may sound trite, the successful completion of the job depends on it from you.

The Internet

You not tied to your home, to any particular city, etc. You can live anywhere, it is important to make it home, a notebook on hand and access to the Internet. In order to travel the world with a laptop with me so far that the income not much, but I think it is now. On the plus talk, now let's talk about the disadvantages. Most of them as is often the reverse of the pros. 1. Difficulties with motivation. Greater freedom has the opposite direction – some people psychologically difficult to work when no one of this does not compel.

I personally was no such problem at all, but I know that for many it can be a serious obstacle. To work like it or not, but to go right. But if work in a home, then the motivation must be found for himself. Education in our society simply does not teach that in order to pursue their own goals and self motivation – first the parents make us go to school, where typically 80% Information rubbed forcefully that we do not need, then the same thing in college, then have to go to work. That's because you have to, not because they want to. As a result, people get used to pursue not their goal to do what he forced to do push yourself, etc. When you start work at home, should have its own motivation, and cause you no one will. This must be very well understood.