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More Work

Tell them what you would expect from their work as soon as assess their state of affairs today that they are doing right, how will you encourage that employees were able to present a picture of what is happening, you should try to separate organizational Vision of their specific job goals and objectives. After all, people want to know in what direction the organization is developing and how this movement may affect their individual goals. Click James Woolsey to learn more. You have to keep them informed of any changes. The more information you give employees, the more they will believe in the power of his respect.

When companies have to tighten their belts tighter and cut the budget, it is often leadership forgets about the needs of their employees, thereby showing its contempt for nim.Esli you have to turn to staff to mobilize forces to work more and better, do not forget about balance between work and personal life. For even more analysis, hear from Hamdi Ulukaya. Today, most people try to combine work with family and socializing with friends. This does not mean that they are not loyal to the company, which employs. According to proponents of the need to live-work balance can stay in the office all night to complete the project, may perform the work at home, but they are unlikely to want to sacrifice family for work. Use kindness and unselfishness of these employees are constantly not worth it. Much better and wiser in this case to establish a flexible schedule people feel self-respect, they will be loyal to the difficulties faced by native .meaning each worker day.

Chief Executive Officer

In addition, the retailer is ready to enter the cellular market. Western Union may help you with your research. it has already received a license to create a virtual operator (MVNO, mobile virtual network operators) and signed a preliminary memorandum of mts. And finally, the company is working to create their own online portal, retail trade – Russia analogue of, where, according to Chief Executive Officer of X5 Retail Group Lev , you can buy “everything, from dvd to furniture. A “Carousel” and “Crossroads” are likely to perform and function points of issue purchased goods over the Internet. Will the company an additional bonus of these initiatives, time will tell. And while the X5, despite the crisis, shows good performance development – 62 sq m.

new retail space in the first half of the year. In the past year was 12 thousand less than at twice the investment. The trouble comes not a second challenge retailers – a shortage of funds for development, restructuring charges, the repayment of loans. It should be noted that before the crisis, Russian networks have developed rapidly: in 2008 only network “Dixie” has grown to hundreds of stores, – at 98, “Pyaterochek” has increased by 174, a “magnet” and completely opened 371 new point. And this development, as a rule, relied on external borrowing, which in an environment where funding levels have fallen sharply, which inevitably led to problems. Move forward in these conditions were capable of only the industry leaders. Also on the heels come serious foreign companies: the crisis felt good time for an attack on the Russian market giants such as U.S.

Materials Day

What a man like that. Sees staff sat down for a minute to drink a cup of tea an hour ago. So no. Again begins gnuset something about discipline, prizes, etc. Okay, tying with the tea, and even though premiums would deprive.

He is the bastard, and not capable of such. Started to work. Oh how I love my job! Day after day, year after year, take a table and a calculator counting. Makes changes in the magazine. Make a mistake – not big trouble. But perhaps even more interesting. Stand behind the counter and manage to release products to customers.

Work is going well. A lot of people. At the end of the day will come the owner of revenue may award any toss. Maybe not. Or, here’s better: a car came – Abraham. Need to unload quickly – and then there is the manager, who observes how it works. A month ago, was as a longshoreman, and is now a supervisor. Hate. Or. Oh how fed up with these visitors. Come to require something. Do not understand, have to explain everything. And do not naoresh as before. Authorities decided to cut 20% staff. Who was the first make a slip, that first flew. Horror. Finally. Oh, those . Well, nothing can charge. Necessarily or tool broken or get drunk and spoil all the materials. And then you talk with a customer angry. How many times have told the chief, hire other people to Brigade. These – solid mediocrity, and loafers. So no. Only and screaming on every occasion, and salaries for two years does not add. So what? Enough, or go on? Yes we are all about work and about work. Here we come home – rest in family. Break? Work ends at six in the evening. While home and got some shopping skimmed: Seven – polvosmogo. Home as usual scandal. The child had received seven deuces in the last five days. Nothing teaches only roamed the streets in some dubious company. In the hallway a lot of unpaid bills. For an apartment, telephone, gas, etc. And how to pay for them, if a little of what the salary is small, so it also delayed the time. Dinner is of course not ready, it is necessary to think of something. , Nine. Dinner. Appeared with gulek. The whole disheveled and obviously not quite sober. Yet to talk to him (how many new things about myself learned), it is time to sleep. And in the morning That damn alarm clock. What would it knock, so as not to wake every day. Not again to work.

The Internet

You not tied to your home, to any particular city, etc. You can live anywhere, it is important to make it home, a notebook on hand and access to the Internet. In order to travel the world with a laptop with me so far that the income not much, but I think it is now. On the plus talk, now let's talk about the disadvantages. Most of them as is often the reverse of the pros. 1. Difficulties with motivation. Greater freedom has the opposite direction – some people psychologically difficult to work when no one of this does not compel.

I personally was no such problem at all, but I know that for many it can be a serious obstacle. To work like it or not, but to go right. But if work in a home, then the motivation must be found for himself. Education in our society simply does not teach that in order to pursue their own goals and self motivation – first the parents make us go to school, where typically 80% Information rubbed forcefully that we do not need, then the same thing in college, then have to go to work. That's because you have to, not because they want to. As a result, people get used to pursue not their goal to do what he forced to do push yourself, etc. When you start work at home, should have its own motivation, and cause you no one will. This must be very well understood.