Business Coach

The future of business training is absolutely predictable, if only we will find the courage to admit that everything is subject to the same laws of development and no market can not exist by itself. Looking back around, and seeing how the market is the market, the industry for the industry, you know that sooner or later it will affect training, coaches and everyone who has this anything to do attitude. Irreversible changes have already occurred in the movie, music, publishing, and everywhere all move to an electronic format, it fundamentally changes the structure of markets and the role of the participants. Probably, in Russia it will happen a little later than in Europe or America, but this does not mean that it able to stay in the old format. Even just a few years ago called the training pro-Western phenomenon and treated it with suspicion, and, now, speaking about them, use the term – 'traditional training' or "Classical training". Whether we like it or not, but distance learning is much to press the full-time, and therefore the training. The software is constantly being improved, are more and more devices learning that are the most interactive and accessible: video trainings, webinars, web conferences, blogs, wikis, etc. The same people have the habit to use electronic media, or anyone not scare e-books, tests and games.

Therefore, provocation of Growth in 2006 decided to begin work on an innovative program teaching business coaches, thereby creating a new market – e-learning coaches. Real business requirements for corporate, training or any other education growing every day, so that business education should be flexible, mobile and innovative. Today, virtually every university in Russia has distance learning, school soon will move to electronic books, which each year will be pumped into new textbooks, materials, tests. To monitor and control knowledge will be introduced electronic diaries.

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