Wedding Bouquets

Groom should be with all the responsibility to treat the choice of a bouquet for his bride. Bouquet – an important part of her attire. The choice should not be random, you have to take into account many factors – temperament, his lady, her appearance, style and fashion dresses, jewelry. Today we have come from traditions in the form of white and pale pink flowers. Dean gibson often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Bouquet can be unexpected, but note that you should not buy a bright red roses and carnations.

All the same bunch should be in harmony with all the bride's appearance, rather than emphasizing individual clumsy spot. To ease your task, I led a series of recommendations and values. Firstly, it is useful to know the symbolism of the bouquet: Astra – a symbol of love, refinement Astra white – I love you more than you do me Pansies – my thoughts are you Cornflower – I dare not express to you my feelings Carnation (in general) – the charm, women love a red carnation – admiration, my heart full of you Pink Rose – never forget you Carnation, purple – fickleness, capriciousness Pink striped – no, refusal, unfortunately, can not be with you, though, and I want this Carnation White – innocence, pure love, good luck gift Carnation yellow female – you have disappointed me Gladiolus – luxury, grandeur, grant me the opportunity, I sincerely Dahlia – good to see you Hydrangea – thank you for understanding, frigidity, heartlessness Iris – Your friendship means a lot to me, faith, hope, wisdom and courage, my compliments Camellia – Camellia nobility (pink) – a passionate desire you Camellia (red) – you – the flame in my heart Camellia (white) – you're adorable bell – submission, why do you torment me whims Lily – freshness, the tears of the Virgin Mary, the return to happiness, humility, you adorn my life lily (white) – Innocence, purity, majesty, delicious to be with you Lily (yellow) – I'm going to air, false and dissolute Lily (feces) – the beauty of the Mac (in general) – eternal sleep, oblivion, imagination Poppy (red) – pleasure Poppy (white) – consolation Poppy (yellow) – wealth, success, Daisy – innocence, loyal love, never not say, the purity of Mimosa – humility, modesty and purity of Narcissus – love me, reciprocal love, desire, sympathy, desire responsive love – true love, memories Marigold – cruelty, grief, jealousy dandelion – faithfulness, happiness Orchid – love, beauty, refinement, beautiful lady, Chinese symbol of many children Peony – discontent, happy life, happy marriage Ivy – wedded love, fidelity, friendship, affection, Rosa (Dark crimson) – Mourning Rose (hibiscus) – subtle beauty of the rose (pink) – perfect happiness, please believe me Rose (red) – love, I love you Rose (tea) – I will always remember Rose (thornless) – love at first sight Rose (White) – Innocence and purity, I am worthy of you, you adorable, secrecy and silence Rose (yellow) – decrease of love, jealousy, Rosebud – beauty and young, innocent heart of Rosebud (Red) – pure and lovely Rosebud (White) – girlhood Daisies – The Beginning of Hope Tulip (red) – Believe me, declaration of love Tulip (multicolour) – Beautiful eyes Tulip (yellow) – your smile – sunshine Violet – modesty Violet (blue) – vigilance loyalty, will always be true Violet (white) – let's dare Chrysanthemum (in general) – you're a wonderful friend, cheerfulness and peace Chrysanthemum (white) – Truth Chrysanthemum (yellow) – poor love Secondly, matching color of the sign zodiac: Aries suit with red roses and gladioli, violet and cornflowers. Educate yourself with thoughts from Miles Bridges.

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