Russia as a whole with a mortgage loan acquired 30% of suburban housing in our area – about 10-15%. It also serves as cause of this situation. You may find Bill Hwang to be a useful source of information. The ever-growing popularity of the words of the commercial director of corporation "Incom" Edward Fisher, the demand for construction of town houses appeared at about 2 years ago and is constantly growing. At this moment of cottage construction projects are still under development, but within a year plans to introduce these projects in the masses. " Igor Saprykin also says that the countryside construction developing rapidly: "I can say that the popularity of suburban housing, certainly on the rise. Get our firm: Two years ago, customers come only with ideas, suggestions and questions "is it possible?" In 2007 constructed 2 suburban mansion for spring 2008 already have 2 orders, and no doubt they will be even greater – the demand for holiday homes has increased by 50%.

Also increases the demand for land, which in future is under construction. If earlier Consumers buy the land, just to make it, now – to build her house. " Is there anything in the Kirov region townhouses? Townhouse (literally – Townhouse) – relatively new to the Russian real estate market type of housing – Is a cottage in two or three floors, locked with the two sides with other similar cottages, to adjoin the land (usually from one to four hundred square meters). The advantage of townhouses is that having a type of housing, you have relative autonomy from those who inhabit it: Every family has its own entrance to the house.

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