Virtual Reserve System

Second store is your personal store, which you fill their goods and services or products your friends entrepreneurs. 3) The Smart mailings. This is your personal secretary for you to communicate with a surprising number of your customers by sending them a letter at the right time. 4) Blog. Your personal diary on the Internet.

Blogger – today’s most popular job in the world. Possible and you will find a new profession. It’s believed that Michelle D. Gass sees a great future in this idea. 5) Mail. Tired of spam and ads in your free mailbox? You will receive the prestigious, secure, spam e-mail. 6) The 1000 mb hosting. This space on the Internet where you can store your information.

vrs – Virtual Reserve System. Your name opens the purse and you become the owner of an online account. Having such an account, you get access to your money, anywhere in the world. On this account, you can pay for goods and services. For example recharge a mobile phone to pay the bank loan, calculate a product’s online store, etc. You can transfer money to another user vrs anywhere in the world in seconds with kommisiey only 0.5% or its bank card, as well as on the bank card of another person. This account Multicurrency, so you can keep the money in the currency, which is considered more reliable and at any time, instantly converting the money in another currency. Second – it’s stock market and investing in mutual funds. The package Intway, part exchange terminal, through which you can get to America’s stock market.

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