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Night Swim

In the water to enter cautiously. Never jump into places that are not specially equipped. Even if the day before the site was safe for diving, over the course of the night could bring a snag or something thrown into the water. – Do not swim far, because You can not calculate their strength. Feeling tired, do not get lost and seek, as soon as possible to swim to shore.

Need to "rest" on the water. Please do not learn to swim on their backs. Turning over on his back and supporting himself on a surface lightly arms and legs, you can relax – if captured over, do not try to fight it. Must swim downstream and gradually at a slight angle, approaching the shore – do not get lost, even if caught in the maelstrom. Need to get more air into the lungs to dive into the water and making a strong push to the side, emerge – in ponds with lots of algae is necessary to try to swim near the surface of water, not touching the plants, making no sudden movements. If, however, arm or leg go awry stems, it is necessary to make a stop (accepted, to "float", "floating") and get rid of them – do not float on inflatable mattresses, inner tubes and inflatable toys. Wind or current can be attributed to very far from shore and the waves – to overwhelm, they may leave the air, and they lose their buoyancy. Swimming with mask, snorkel and fins require special care: – do not swim with the tube in a strong sea state.

Aluminium Aircraft

The first planes were built of plywood. They were light, but slow moving. They could outrun the car. A strong motor in place was impossible: too heavy for aircraft plywood. Everyone understood that the metal plane safer. Only would find the lightweight and durable metal. Steel – will not do, they're heavy for aircraft. Here and rescued aluminum.

Aluminum has become the main material for building aircraft. The more powerful planes are, the faster they fly, the more for They need to aluminum. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from SYPartners. Many details in the space shuttle is made of aluminum. There was a time when the demand for aluminum was low. For the whole year around the world melted thirty tons of aluminum, and he does not find application. Now worldwide smelt aluminum for more than three million tons a year, and tomorrow will require more and more! Aluminium is also used for building ships. You see how necessary aluminum.

And not only for flights in the air, but also for navigation on water. Aluminium and earth works, and even how many cases have found for him! Began to build railroad cars made of aluminum – the speed of trains increased. Tasted of aluminum to make parts of different machines – and machines have become easier. A they work better. Speak so that aluminum is born of electric shock. This is because for aluminum smelting is necessary to spend a lot of electricity. At present, increasingly replacing copper wires with aluminum, they are much easier. Aluminum makes kitchen and tableware. Mirror illuminator that casts a bright beam into the night sky, made of aluminum. Every year for aluminum are new cases.