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Standard Russian Translation

From the above made conclusion about the value, or rather the inestimable value of people who own the Romanian language. Nevertheless, I received an answer to my question almost entirely. Although me and warned that the transfer from the rare Romanian cheaper uah 90. for a standard A4 sheet will not be. Even more, originally worth prepare for the fact that after the evaluation of translation costs could be slightly or significantly (depending on the urgency of the order) increase. Test of Romanian language, I decided to continue communicating with Translation “ABC”. rtz. The venture failed miserably, as the Romanian language is not included in the range of translation services bureau.

To call has not proved to be absolutely useless, decided to ask the rates for standard Russian (Ukraine)-English translations. Potential customer in the translation must be prepared to pay 4.5 cents for a standard, and 5 cents for a specific word translated. Order “for tomorrow” is charged in double tariff. Rate of accepted criteria itself is not resolved – in fact delivered to the job the company did not deliver. With the latter, the fifth task, well managed and Translation “Gulf Stream” and “Lingo”. Probably, because the job does not go beyond non-standard – translation from English into Ukrainian constitutional documents of the company. Despite the unusual volume of 300 pages. In Translation “Gulfstream” I again explained the benefits of translating one man, of course, if you do not “running out” period, because when it does quality work no less than two months.

Translation Product Labels

There is, perhaps, only two types of translations, mistakes which becomes the object of so much public view, and may indeed lead to very serious financial and image loss on the part customer. This is a translation of manuals and product information (an error in translation sites are also very evident, but it is much easier, cheaper and more quickly corrected). The fact that the result of both kinds of transfers going to printing press, and, as a rule, an impressive number of copies, after printing is no longer possible to make changes and save the situation can only be re-seal. Therefore, the responsibility of the Executive translation so as great as the risk of the customer in choosing this artist. Here are the highlights, which you should look for when selecting performers for the translation of labels: * Must sign a contract with company that you trust such an important job. Furthermore, in fact, a safety net of the customer's legal responsibility to another and automatically disciplined performer.

* Pre decide with their marketing department, as a translation should look and pronounced the names of products. For example, there is a washing powder "Snowball". How to translate the name into a foreign language, especially if it (the language) does not affectionately-diminutive form? There are three main approaches to solving this problem: – as close translation (in this case – the translation of the word "snow") – a transliteration, that is, write Russian pronunciation through the letters of foreign alphabets.