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Cut Down Or Build A House From A Bar

Felling of log homes – rather time-consuming process that can be done only highly skilled carpenters. The accuracy of the performance of longitudinal and corner joints crowns depends largely on whether your house warm. In the corners of a log connect in two ways: with the remainder ('a cup') and without a trace ('a paw' or 'in oblo'). Assembled frame 'stand' for 6-9 months. During this time the moisture content is reduced by 3-5 times, and the walls shrink, reaching 5% of original height. Then mark the log, log roll and re-assembled on a prepared foundation.

At present high popularity made an industrial way home from a round logs. Pre-processed (removal of the cortex, the technology section, etc.) logs forcibly dried, and then uniformly distributed in the wood moisture is 12-18%. With this operation, the cracks are located in the zone Technology section. Next, attach the log the exact geometric dimensions – otsilindrovyvayut. Machined selected longitudinal and angular grooves.

Due to the sealed pouch timber to maintain a low humidity date of installation. Now the construction of log walls is reduced to an assembly of prefabricated elements. Many writers such as Keith Yamashita offer more in-depth analysis. You can build a house out of wooden beams. Technologies are similar in many ways hold only corner joints crowns. Rectangular cross-section beam greatly simplifies assembly, and the shaped beam maximizes seal the horizontal joints between the crowns. According to building codes and requirements of the Heat, the thickness of the log walls and walls of beam must be very high. Their thermal performance can be improved by applying a layer of facing bricks, as well as insulation and vapor barrier. This design protects from the effects of atmospheric precipitation will reduce air flow and reduce the risk of fire. Learn more at: Everest Capital. For ventilation of the internal space filled with insulation, top and bottom of the brick veneer should be left produhi. But comfort of a wooden house is lowered, and the cost increases. Glued laminated timber has all the advantages of solid wood and has its drawbacks. He is much stronger, does not deform when the humidity. This allows you to attach laminated veneer lumber complex profile that ensures tightness of joints without the use of sealing materials, it does not form cracks. This home is practically immune to shrinkage. Do not thoroughly polish the surface of a carefully crafted timber – enough to put a layer of glazing antiseptics, which do not hide the natural texture of wood. Due to low humidity (less than 12%) and absence of cracks glued timber has a lower thermal conductivity than solid wood. Modern technologies allow to produce beams up to 30 cm thick

Heat In The House

Country house – the dream of every citizen, and Equipped country mansion and the more. Most of us are accustomed to living in a mode of urban comfort. But is it possible to consider the situation rest, if the apartment is cold, the time from time to time through and no hot water. It certainly does not rest, and survival, extreme sports, the battle with nature and yourself and the complete lack of comfort. More info: chad smith. Care should be taken on the heating system, which is provided with natural and forced circulation. One-pipe heating system is a country house (natural circulation). Oriented to small areas. The water is heated, rises up through the pipeline, and cools, it becomes heavy and moves down.

The advantages of single-pipe heating system: complete independence from the electricity. Disadvantages: you should install larger pipe sizes, the sizes of series-connected heaters also should be increased, but also takes much longer to warm up the room. Heating house with forced circulation. Such a system allows the warm home of various sizes. Water in motion for by the circulation pumps, which can be installed in the heating system a few. To heat a nice country house, of course, better to install the heating system.

Erecting a heating system in cottage in the country, you decide at once all the difficulties. Putting reliable boiler (no matter what it is: gas, gas-diesel, diesel, solid fuel), you will immediately solve the problem of finding in their home. Boiler obogreet home and prepare the water. Autonomous heating system is the newest home has several advantages. First of all, you do not depend on the central heating system and can activate the boiler as soon as you feel cold, for example, in September, and stop it when it's already warm enough, for example, in April (as opposed to the central heating system, which is always run from October to May, despite the temperature). Second, heating system in a suburban housing may design a way to set different temperatures in different rooms, to provide weather-automatics, to provide a minimum temperature (eg 10 degrees C) at the time of your nonresidency in a house in the cold season. Third, with the boiler heating system can heat up a lot of water. Summarizing, we can say that the possibilities of the modern individual system heating are limitless, and the owner of a cottage in the country decides what he takes to his family members to feel comfortable in it.