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Taking Control

Do you feel you are in charge of your life and really think you can control your destiny? Or you are of those people who feel manipulated all the time, they are doing things and they do not know why? Do you feel that you are a wooden puppet that someone pulling the strings? I have an answer for you. Psychologists have shown that human decisions are based on emotions, and after an emotional decision logic used his part of the brain to justify this decision. Thus all that is “clear” to you, you think you know why you do everything you do. Where is my point? Nobody wants to believe that he is being deceived or manipulated in any way as to rationalize their decisions in order to justify their actions. But what if someone knew how I would react in a given situation?

Simple, that person would control you and what is worse, not even be consciously aware of it. You may find that Jeff Gennette can contribute to your knowledge. And before you think that this is a crazy idea let me remind you of something or some form of persuasion, most children use the invocation to love. Other leaders such as Thredup offer similar insights. for example, “Mom know how much I love you? saw Jim with the new bike, and it was wonderful I can not get it out of my mind.” You probably know how the rest of this conversation going. If a child can find ways to convince their parents to do what he wants to do, imagine what an educated and well informed adult can do. Most of the techniques of persuasion, appeal to their emotional side, why? Because you do not know how to control your emotions without repressing them, in reality the repression of their feelings is even worse. “Ok John I see, but what I can do?”

You’ve done your first step by reading this article, because it now has more information about how things are in his head. There is a curious thing But when someone says something obvious to change our approach and make all connections in a second. There is another thing you should do.

When you take a decision to wait 20 seconds and try to focus on no account in the decision. You will find that see things differently now, more concise and clear. Do you know what I do after 20 seconds? Mentally make a decision and run an imaginary “movie” in my mind, of how things would be different in the future if I made that decision, in every possible way imaginable. If I can see, that things would be better just to do it, if I see things I do not like to back up and consider it more to seek alternatives. I’m not saying it bulletproof to persuasion, but at least train your mind to see and realize the consequences of a decision, for better and for worse.