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Canary Islands

The island of Tenerife is the seat of the capital of the Spanish district of the Canary Islands. Nestled on the Atlantic Ocean, at the height of Morocco, the island hosts one of the most beautiful parks in the world, the Natural Park of Teide. The island hosts the third highest volcano in the world measured from its base. Generally, those tourists who are looking for a landscape of your dreams, with a unique biodiversity found in Tenerife dreamed of for your vacation destination. Now it is possible to make hotel reservations to enjoy all the attractions that Tenerife has to offer in the way most comfortable and practical: through the portal. The Puerto de la Cruz is located on the North coast of the island. In this beautiful city on the sea, it is possible to find lots of attractions to visit with the whole family. One of them is the Loro Parque, a zoo that recreates the environment of large number of native species.

The central point of the city is the Plaza del Charco, a gigantic space parkland, surrounded by business to walk, buy, take an ice cream, and enjoy the wonderful temperate climate of the island. The Natural landscape of the Martinez Lake is a natural lake formed a short distance from the coast. It is an ideal place to spend the day, enjoy the swimming pools, sunbathing, lunch and definitely take advantage of the splendid climate of Tenerife. Front to Loro Parque locks the beach Garden, also known as Punta Brava, for connoisseurs, the best beach in Tenerife. The actual port of Puerto de la Cruz is located very near the Center. The place is extremely picturesque, with an an intense turquoise water, and large stone walls.

The port is paid to go to eat at one of the restaurants whose specialty is seafood. Hardly is a site with fresh and delicious seafood in the world. There are many attractions that Tenerife offers visitors. In general it’s a quiet place, provided of wonders to be visited with family, because there are attractions for all ages. Don’t wait any longer and make your online hotel reservation and be prepared to enjoy a site It offers broad diversity both wildlife and landscapes, with mountains, forests, and beaches to delight perhaps in one of the most care of the planet sites. Javier Kravalosky booking hotel original author and source of the article

Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty

INTRODUCTION every year, many people resort to plastic surgeons to consult on how to improve the appearance of the nose. This defect is of size, shape, aging, trauma, etc. If you are from people who want to know how the nose surgery can improve your appearance, your confidence in yourself, or your health, we will then inform you as it carried out and that is what you can expect from it. The success of an operation and the result of a good relationship between the physician and the patient. Trust, based on realistic expectations, and a technique based on knowledge and experience, grows during consultations prior to the surgery. Your surgeon can respond to questions arising out of their specific requirements. Consideration their nasal structure, both on the outside and in the internal, to evaluate the type of intervention necessary. You may want to visit lions at the gate to increase your knowledge.

Will also explain the various factors q can affect the result of the same, such as the type of skin, age, degree of deformity, and alterations of the structures inside of your nose. RHINOPLASTY this word literally means, give shape to the nose. Marko Dimirijevic will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Cosmetic surgery of the nose is one of the operations most frequent surgery, and one of the most delicate. It consists of a modification of the nose, with respect to their size, raise or refine the tip, elimination of the hump or hump, narrow the width of its base, etc. In addition to certain aesthetic ideals for each race, seek primarily the harmony of the facial features, maintaining the proportion of individual factions.

Based on these concepts, in consultation with your physician should be considered personal expectations and actual results could be achieved with surgery. THE OPERATION?This n is based in remodeling cartilage and nasal bones, adapting to this new contour the skin that covers them. To maintain this shape is placed a plaster or similar element for approximately seven days postoperative, only placed internal taponaje in case of deviant partitions or if there was excessive bleeding.

Iberoamerican Business

The Iberoamerican franchise Federation (FIAF) attends the XXI Edition of the SIF & Co., the International Hall of the franchise, the opportunities for business and trade partner of Feria Valencia, which takes place this week, from 21 to 23 October, in the Capital of the Turia. The reason: to carry out the meeting with its partners. The month of may we had the occasion to meet in Buenos Aires. We now turn to rediscover the 11 countries that are part of this network: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Uruguay, Venezuela and Spain, says Eduardo Abadia, Director of the FIAF Executive and Manager of the AEF. Thus the things they all its members say will be taken into account by the sector, since such Federation, during 2009, and among all its partners, represented 5.273 brands with a turnover of 98.808 million dollars and 1.753.268 people have given work.

In addition, units (both franchises as own) amounted to 260.253. The presence in this appointment represents a reaffirmation in its work to enhance and legitimize the exchange of strategic and commercial information of all its countries members, among which Spain is located. We consider this fair an open door to the Spanish market and therefore to the European. In addition, no forgetting that it was one of the pioneers in the sector, betting on a business that over time it has demonstrated that it had the necessary ingredients to succeed. We will do a study and an exchange of strategic and commercial information in what to this business formula is concerned. For the own Abbey, FIAF is one of the federations more important and representative of the franchise system worldwide, which increasingly is taking more weight and prominence, both by the total number of networks that integrate it by invoicing totaling altogether.