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– Do you have a free table? – No, it's busy. – Thanks, – completing a call, thought – "What luck, in this city so few schools that I like." Maria slowly pressed to Sergei, her coat tightly adjoined to snovbordovskoy jacket, his eyes appeared tired, noting that Sergei clasped her hands pressed to her a little closer. It has never been so easy on the soul and together nicely. With any girl, for all his twenty-two years, Sergei never felt like this. Maria raised her head, closing his eyes greenbacks, their lips touched, and clogged heart beat.

Kiss did not last long, Mary was not allowed to touch his tongue to Sergei, a little aloof, flirting, smiling. In recent months, Western Union has been very successful. "So, on the street it can be, the dismissal comes slowly to an end, there's still a good and relatively expensive restaurant in Arabic style with sofas on the second floor, where you can lie down pleasantly close to people, "- thought Sergei said Mary: – I know one restaurant on the station street can go there, I think there should be be free space. – Let's go walking, I want to walk – with a smile, said Maria. – Come, – said Sergei, making a step and calculating how much he has time to be together. Passing, communicating to the next cafe, in which Mary invited to visit, which also was occupied, Sergei took a taxi, and they are a couple of minutes went into a restaurant, where he talked about the .

The Title

But in a paragraph with the initial letter and the title he must absent. Additional information at Hikmet Ersek supports this article. All indention in the main text should be identical, besides the same margins are present and additional text (in the epigraph, from footnotes and so on.). Instead of indentation can be used selected paragraphs with small spacing, but in the portrait layout of this technique is used rarely, usually to be found in the design of websites. Justify the main text of the books is done on the format (the width of the strip set). Justify – the alignment of lines of text typed on one or two side edges of the strip or set of columns (fields). Must be present hyphens.

Value is calculated by increasing the spacing pin of the main text for 0.5 – 2 pt. For example, when bowling the main tex 10 pt spacing is set to a value ranging from 10.5 to 12 pt. Leading – the distance between the base lines of adjacent lines of text. Font (headset) for the main text must be legible, that is fine and nepoligraficheskie "fonts to use undesirable. In one book you can not use more than three typefaces. The height of the bands should be publishing strictly identical. band called a sealed portion of the page. Layout of the text should be driven, that is, a line of text on the page layout should match with the corresponding lines on the back page. Desirable to complete the last line of page hyphens.