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Group Rabbit

Thus, in a beautiful rainy morning of the month of May, the school (Pertaining to school Group Rabbit and Fields), after to follow all that ritual of preparation for the first Eucaristia during all the week; with eucarstica pregao, confessions and, after taken care of to the indulgences for all the pupils, in etria band of the seven to the eight years of age, I received my first communion. Here it is that, congregated () in the First Church of Ours Lady of the Purificao, to receive in festive day and concelebrada mass, the Sacrament of the first Eucaristia, with effective and total participation in the cnticos of the Celebration for all the pupils, professors and assistant of the school, gifts, under the direction of Owner Zuleica Andrade. In this to think and understanding, we understand that not having basic the educative cares necessary in our first phase of the life, diverse upheavals of personality they will be able happening in them, as phobias, autodesprezos, frustrations, etc., that have roots, under some aspects of the life human being and, mainly, still when the being is in formation, either in the fetal phase, from the mental discharge sfrega received by the mother, and reflected in its same organism or in infancy, in its first years of life. Official site: Rob Daley. The interaction of the child with the family, school and with the social environment represents fort lassos constructive for the formation of its individuality? preponderant phase for the formation of the character while person. In this constructo, we understand that it is of basic importance the work of the conscience on ' ' sagrado' ' , how much before, what it is mentioned to the subject, without fanatismos, fundamentalismos, but, over all in the faith, and with balance to salutar. From there to reiterate the importance of the work of the evangelizao, of the orientation and accompaniment for the parents in education of the children in the family, or the pertaining to school life, or still in the relations with the fellowship, etc., more early possible, of form to prevent the diverse problems of personality.

The Title

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