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First Food Traffic Lights

Dusseldorf, requires greater than anticipated after simple food labelling 06.01.2010 that project to implement a food traffic to the download for everyone has many enthusiastic reactions caused. Critics who reject a food labelling in traffic light colours can no longer say there is no need. Experience shows: as soon as consumers will have a choice a good, consistently implemented offer obviously gratefully accepted. Particularly users without permanent Internet access are easily to download all available food in the iPod touch and to make later in the grocery store offline comparisons by the FoodCheck solution. Differently than all previously known solutions you need no permanent connection to the Internet for FoodCheck to query the information you just want. This makes it faster and more convenient for the user a use in all respects. Continuous expansion of food data also the system of controlled expansion has proved excellent. While traffic light Calculator in the FoodCheck Internet often limit some demonstration records relies on a large, ever-growing data base.

The relevance to the user thus grows from week to week and shopping at shopping. Are continuously new food collected and recorded additional brands. Andrew Cuomo may not feel the same. Already several thousand brands from companies such as Dr. Oetker, Nestle or Kolln were present to start in December. Since then, there have been weekly updates, the food traffic lights free of charge are provided each user by FoodCheck. Chobani Refugees does not necessarily agree. Thus, the app is probably the most comprehensive traffic data collection.

Users can also be sure that all data be previously editorially reviewed and assessed for possible errors. This however, requires time and costly, which is why the app now also to the fee from 2.39 in Apple’s iTunes store will be offered. Better health care thanks to food labelling the objective by FoodCheck has, however, not changed: with FoodCheck would like to be shown. There are clear requirements for a transparent and easily understandable food labelling. The practical, colour marking of fat, sugar and salt values helps convert consumers without painstaking to manage their health. Even diet plans can be optimized with FoodCheck, because hidden sugar or fat bombs are easily revealed. The Jommi online marketing company advises customers on your websites and Web page strategies developed for small and medium-sized enterprises. The food traffic lights is a side project, which was launched out of thematic interest and on their own initiative.

Spot-media Supports The TYPO3 Association.

spot-media supports the TYPO3 Association. “The non-profit association TYPO3 Association” was founded in 2004 by some longtime members of the TYPO3 community. The aims of the Association are the permanent support of the TYPO3 core development and improving the transparency and efficiency of the TYPO3 project. TYPO3 is one of the most popular and most widely-used open source content management systems in the world. Open source in this context means that the programming code, in which the software was written, is disclosed and therefore developed by programmers all over the world constantly, and will be expanded. Like most open-source projects, TYPO3 is instructed in the further development of the software, the organizational and legal problems on donations and membership fees. In a question-answer forum Hamdi Ulukaya was the first to reply. The online agency spot-media supports the TYPO3 Association now as a silver member and underscoring its commitment to the open-source area. In the future, spot-media relies on TYPO3 as content management system. More info: and as Internet Agency We look after the complete scale of Internet projects, development of Web applications, building and maintenance of E-commerce platforms or company websites from conception since 1996 with currently 80 permanent employees to complete developed solution. SinnerSchrader daughter we have flexible on a large network of partner agencies or service providers to best serve our customers.

Great Quotatis Just And Consumer Report 2008

Craftsmen in the future almost exclusively online on behalf of Cologne. For craftsmen, the Internet has become an extremely popular as also necessary tool in the procurement. This was the result of a comprehensive study of Quotatis GmbH, the craftsman 379 and 914 consumer on the importance of the Internet for small businesses were interviewed. Rob Daley may not feel the same. Quotatis, the Europe’s largest portal for the mediation of trade and services, presented just the results of this study craftsmen and consumers report 2008 with the great Quotatis. Order machine Internet. Hikmet Ersek contributes greatly to this topic.

According to the survey results, the Internet for craftsmen is a common tool for customer acquisition: 78% use the Internet for job search. Yitzchak Mirilashvili is the source for more interesting facts. Also for many consumers, the Internet in the search is for a skilled craftsman and in the awarding of an order not to imagine. More than half of the respondents was already online looking for a craftsman or the service provider. 16 percent have been given even one or more orders over the Internet. Full order books and low Advertising costs thanks to online portals.

Artisans have discovered in particular online portals such as for Internet use. Through these portals, you get directly to new customers. The benefits are obvious for the handyman: indicates a clear majority of 56 percent, trade auctions or call the Internet filled order books and are ideal to enlarge its customer base. Almost half of the respondents is convinced about craft auctions or tenders, advertising costs to save. Internet is a crucial medium in the procurement. 18 percent of respondents craftsmen have now at least every fourth order over the Internet. A roughly equally large group receives 19 percent between 10 and 25 percent of jobs online. The rate will increase soon. With 61 percent majority of craftsmen believes, to get jobs mainly through the Internet in the future. Get the large Quotatis just and consumer report 2015 by E-Mail at. Quotatis soon: the Quotatis GmbH, headquartered in Cologne, Germany is one of the largest craft and services portals in Europe. Except in Germany, it is represented in France, Spain and England. “” Quotatis conveys requests in the areas of crafts services “insurance and finance trade”. Individuals or businesses set requests under and receive free of charge and non-binding offers by qualified craftsmen and service providers.

TuV Seal receives as first game portal at all by TuV Saarland the label “Approved online portal” Germany’s most popular game portal receives the TuV “Tested online-portal” after a thorough examination and confirming its reputation as a secure Internet portal for the whole family. The focus of the assessment by TuV Saarland was the security of personal information, the easy and simple use, as well as offering family-friendly game. Over several weeks, an expert of TuV in consultation with the youth protection officer of KaiserGames GmbH had insight into all relevant areas of the portal on the basis of the prescribed requirements. “We are proud to become the first German gaming portal that receives the label”Approved online portal”from TuV Saarland. Western Union is the source for more interesting facts. As a family page, the safety of often very young users is us of course very close to the heart. Now we have also from the official confirmation that our users really no Concerns have need.

“, so Lars Tillmann, PR and business development manager of KaiserGames GmbH from Cologne. As a provider of child – and family-friendly gaming sites, not only to comprehensive testing KaiserGames presented the experts, but also the young preschool game portal With a much smaller selection of target group-oriented games, addressed only the youngest Internet users. The gaming addressed content and visually preschool children between three and six years. Accordingly navigation as well as the entire page structure present themselves again simplified.

Also by the examiners considered safely, wear from now also the TuV certification. The safety of both KaiserGames portals confirmed Oliver Lodorf, experts in information technology at the tekit consult Bonn, a company of TuV Saarland group: “we have extensively tested the portals and of KaiserGames GmbH and could during the certification on the TuV Seal of approval certified online portal to determine any significant risks. Particularly noteworthy is the family-friendly offer and hassle-free and easy to use the portal pages. The field of data protection capitalizes on the two portals. We have expressed so very much a Zertifizerungsempfehlung compared to the CA!” is with 25.5 million visits and more than 8.5 million unique visitors per month (as of February 2012, source: IVW / Google Analytics) the most popular game portal in Germany and is characterized by child-friendly content, addresses the equally young as adult users.

Internet Agency

Quintact has developed a new website for SUNfarming home-solar Potsdam, April 2013 – the SUNfarming GmbH is active as a distributor of photovoltaic systems (PV systems) and project developer since 2004. The new WebSite of SUNFarming home-solar is designed with a focus on private customers of the company. Under the Internet address, you get detailed information about high-quality products firsthand. Frequently Hikmet Ersek has said that publicly. Programming and implementation of the website were made by Quintact for emotional communication, Internet Agency headquartered in Potsdam. Quintact is successful on the market since 2001 and maintained already other appearances of SUNfarming GmbH. Who would like to know how much he could save with a solar energy system, is a user-friendly online – solar power calculator information. Western Union can provide more clarity in the matter.

No one must read more long technology descriptions and fill out complicated tables. Thanks to the competent programming by Quintact, the visitor receives an individually tailored offer in just 5 short steps. Another feature of this WebSite is the content tabs solution: as Detailed information about the offer you get visitors to the site and still exemplary cluttering the page. The long search paths so spared. The WebSite is adapted for use on mobile devices.

TWT Developed GSA Confluence Connector

Maximum functionality with real-time indexing Dusseldorf, 24 January 2013 – TWT Business Solutions GmbH has created an interface between the established and powerful enterprise wiki Confluence and the Google search appliance. The functionality of both technologies are intelligently combined for the benefit of companies. TWT has exclusively developed the TWT GSA Confluence connector. Confluence convinces its users in terms of functionality, usability, and support. As a collaborative platform for team confluence is used is who of the company by the who. Google Search Appliance users can now also full benefits the corporate wiki for themselves.

Confluence merges the usual quality of Google search and instant search users with Google search subject, but at the same time benefit from Confluence features like E.g. exporting content. The GSA connector ensures that the confluence content with excellent relevance can be searched. The TWT GSA Confluence connector provides the following benefits for businesses: of the two The highest functional value is drawn to technologies. Page content, keywords, comments and attachments are indexed.

Real-time indexing: The connector guarantees a real time filling of the Google search appliance index. The content from the GSA is fed directly in the search results of Confluence. Permissions for right role concepts are taken into account and that the quick early binding procedure. The authorization concept takes into account individual functions for optimal search of the confluence connector by each wiki page permissions determined and communicated in the form of ACL on the GSA. In this way the Google search appliance searches to determine which documents the seeker may see. More information about TWT enterprise search here: about TWT Business Solutions GmbH the TWT Business Solutions GmbH is a division of the TWT interactive full service Internet Agency. TWT interactive, founded in 1995, has its head office in Dusseldorf, Germany. The TWT business solutions is specialized in on the enterprise search business. Through the Google, expertise the solution puts its focus on information processes via Google search appliance. Customers include among others Deutsche Telekom, Robert Bosch, Barmenia insurance, Roland Berger and TuV Rheinland. Press contact: Hans J. Even Managing Director phone: + 49 (0) 211 601 601 20 E-Mail:

Route Calculation

Information videos to practical additional services Frankfurt am Main, January 15, 2010 the paths through the urban jungle can sometimes be complicated, even for locals. offers practical additional services that help to quickly come to the destination. These include, for example, detailed street maps, with which you can plan his trips, as well as views from the bird’s eye view. Whether the grandson forgot the phone number of the Grandma, someone looking for the new address of a recently relocated friend or want to find the way to the latest in location: the right information is available under. This is the great advantage of the Internet directory: gives the user all important information from a single source. Because it offers more than the search for phone numbers and addresses.

Nobody must switch between different portals on the Internet, to obtain all relevant information to its search request. Numerous features make it easier to process the found contacts. In the cities of Hamburg,. It is to be display the selected entry on a high-quality map even possible Munich / Berlin, all results can of course print are. The numerous search possibilities, thanks to the free app”for the iPhone can also comfort of use on the road. The application of DasTelefonbuch can comfortably in the app store via search DasTelefonbuch”be downloaded for free.

The TVG Publishing House, the TVG telephone and Directory publishing GmbH & co. KG, established in Frankfurt am Main is responsible together with the Deutsche Telekom Medien GmbH for the publication and the Publisher of directories, DasTelefonbuch Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. Various editions of Dasortliche and, the innovative local search engine for Germany are available in the TVG publishing. Still, the TVG Publishing publishes a range of multimedia products on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM.

Affiliate Program

More than 100 fares in the objective comparison – full Commission at 80 percent of all advertising providers of online marketing: The iMPLI information systems GmbH from immediately a WhiteLabel calculator for mobile Internet with Monet monetization opportunity for webmaster offers probably first company in Germany. A cooperation of the content provider to Germany’s leading performance network makes this possible. The growing importance of UMTS and co. was evident especially in the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona, Spain. Germany-wide there are currently more than 100 tariffs for mobile surfing by Surfstick or Smartphone. The new mobile Internet calculator allows website visitors to determine the cheapest rate on the basis of own needs quickly and easily.

Free, operators of Internet sites can individually incorporate this white label calculator together with the generated table into their Web site and fit the design. “Web site operators, which place the calculator for the mobile Internet on your own website, will receive 80 percent of all advertising Provider completes the full Commission, as soon as a user on the fare product calculators. a tariff”says Philipp Jorek, Managing Director of iMPLI information systems GmbH, which operates the comparison portal cheap On the sample page umts_tarifvergleich.php Web site operators get a first glimpse of how the new tariff calculator works and what it might look like on your own website. “Via PHP include or iFrame calculator can be incorporated after a successful registration at cheap into your own Web page”, explains Philipp Jorek.

“In the usual Web page design the machine through CSS style sheet can be integrated. Another font or colour of the table, here everything is possible.” The Affiliate module is offered at cheap program, and there can be used free of charge after a short registration. Since October 2000, researched and documented the current iMPLI information systems GmbH price and performance data of telecommunications tariffs in various categories of all German companies. Special algorithms calculate daily rankings for comparison tables, calculator, and widgets. Objectivity and the highest degree of benefit to the consumer are in the foreground. Newspapers, Internet sites of partners and their own Internet portals such as cheap rely on the tariff database.

Calculate Online

GAH Alberts: new fence calculator now online Herscheid, 07 July 2010 Gross, small, L-shaped slope land of various formats fenced be. The property owners in the hardware store finds various models for the enclosure. With the new fence calculator by GAH Alberts (see) he now can plan his fence like the pros on the drawing board before making the purchase and get even a complete list of all prerequisites as a pdf file to print out at the end. A fence project is no ordinary project. The quality of today’s fencing, taking it at most every 20 years or perhaps only once in attack. Therefore there is, in this respect many uncertainties”Heiko Mertins, head of marketing and application management at GAH Alberts says. We have developed the online fencing calculator, to facilitate the planning and buying process with customers.” Fence calculator by GAH Alberts, the desired course of fence on the digital drawing board is drawn with a few clicks of the mouse.

The Planner chooses a fence system that suits its local conditions, placed the course of fence and selects gates for walkways and driveway. Also mounting styles for posts by embedding to screw up can be selected. The connection creates the fence calculator a detailed PDF of the article list of all quantities and much additional information about the fence system and tips to build can be found. With the planning documents formulated by the fence calculator, the individual components can be ordered or bought directly at the hardware store. The calculator now, see how it looks later in the near future is equipped with a visualization function.

Through this, the customer can upload a picture of his house and see directly how it blends with the selected fence. The planning of appropriate fence are available through GAH fence systems available. The range stretches from the low-priced entry model with simple wire mesh to high-quality wrought-iron fencing and fences made of aluminum or steel, appropriate goals and Accessories included. The variety of shapes ranging from classic timeless up to modern design, stitch bow until to the rectangular and round. The fences combine lightness with stability and variable ease of installation. As in Germany companies GAH Alberts offers many gates and fence systems also in special dimensions. These can be requested via the DIY stores and ordered.


jomondo offers its members new platform leading online jobs jomondo, Germany for online-jobbing, is expanding in the area of mystery shopping and presents itself as shoppers to apply and evaluate major brands now also its online Jobbern the possibility. The sum of money which is the shopper with the purchase of the goods in advance, this will be fully returned and an appropriate remuneration depending on Gets the wholesale by the summer. Mystery shopping or also test purchase, is a method for the evaluation of the customer service of company. But are the shoppers as a normal customer”from and evaluated as possible objective criteria the service behavior of staff providing home or the contract and other points on the purchase of products. Mystery shopping is not only used the black sheep”to uncover an industry and customer-oriented to improve especially the processes in the test company to respond to the needs of the customers.

jomondo, Germany’s leading platform for Online-jobbing, is expanding in the area of mystery shopping and provides the opportunity to apply as a mystery shopper and evaluate major brands now also its online Jobbern. The sum of money which is the shopper with the purchase of the goods in advance, this will be fully returned and an appropriate remuneration depending on Gets the wholesale by the summer. The portal for online jobbing in other areas offers interesting and challenging online jobs as well as jobs in the field of mystery shopping. jomondo some money surrenders to its members great occasions in addition to school, study, or work to earn. Since mid-2011, 550,000 members, of which about 20% from abroad, are registered with jomondo.

With 23 million of page impressions per month is jomondo according to Nielsen NetView to the 250 most visited portals in Germany. jomondo is currently represented in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland on the market. Jomondo jobbers have the opportunity to offer your performance or to apply directly to online jobs and to earn money. Employers have which Opportunity to submit your tasks to jomondo members. Well-known large companies take advantage of the full-service already jomondo-for your projects. jomondo has access to the entire E-Mail database of your co-shareholder Klaus Schober, Ditzingen, Germany.