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The second part was the extration (1 mL 5 phenol 5% and mL sulfuric acid concentrated) in different values of pH (2,0; 5,0; 7,0; 8,0; 10,0). Before the determination, the extract was diluted in different ratios.? Determination of soluble protein text the determination of the soluble protein text was made using the colorimtrico method of (Bradford, 1976), divided in two parts. In the first one, standard for the attainment of the factor was constructed to a curve. In the second part, the extration (reacting of Bradford) in different values of pH (2,0 was made; 5,0; 7,0; 8,0; 10,0), previously diluted in different ratios, for the accomplishment of the espectrofotomtrica reading.? TampoOs solution reacting mL had been weighed in bquer 100, the reagents had been dissolved approximately in 90ml of water, using pHmetro, got a certain value of pH, using HCL to adjust pH of the solution got another final value as pH. The solution was transferred to a volumetric balloon 100mL, and the volume was adjusted filling with water.

Finally, the solution was homogeneizada and stored in adequate bottle and previously identified with the following information: Reagents with its respective concentrations, pH of the solution, dates the preparation of the solution, schedule of turma.3.Resultados and the Quarrels In the stage of determination of the text of humidity of the sample, was calculated the text of the present water mass in the sample, followed of the calculation of the percentage of the same one. After that Test Q with the mass percentages was carried through, of which of the eight values, all had been accepted had been accepted and were possible to arrive at a 79,64% average, with shunting line standard of 0,517. In the stage of determination of the leached ashes text of aa, the calculation of the leached ashes percentage was carried through in each followed sample of the accomplishment of Test Q, where all the values had been accepted. .