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Principle of efficiency: many talk about the effort we make in order to promote the human realization, but it will be if we are striving enough or it will be that we are not using the most effective methods, this is the crux of the matter, must strive if, but by using the most appropriate tools. Principle of the responsibility of the paper what to play: we are not responsible for all aspects of human well-being, since our responsibilities are linked to the capacity, commitment, circumstances and specific roles we must discover and put them at the service of society, this gives us a priority responsibility for our lives. Principle of acceptance of collateral effects: acceptance is a principle that we must cultivate in our daily live since all our actions are not successful, and these probably provoke harmful side effects. Principle of cooperation in immorality: although it sounds somewhat paradoxical and somewhat tangled, under certain circumstances of life may be reasonable to cooperate in immoral acts of other people. That does not mean that we approve of such an Act, nor that you want your success; only if shares it a part subordinate other immoral action, participating would be only something material.

Conclusions finally we consider urgent than universities our case, more to encourage to identify the graduates coming out, her worry, put into practice the principles of ethics, guaranteeing that your behavior this backed morality, values, knowledge so that their performance is a good guarantee for organizations, companies, institutions where they work. For the Venezuelan case which concerns us, there can be no lesser dud, that professional ethics has been very controversial for corruption, the outrage, protest to the values, acosamientos, leaves a great deal to say, requiring take remedial measures in this regard. Consider all those aspects, factors which should not be neglected in order to not damage the scope of ethics, values, moral, responsibilities, e.g. in the case of the engineer their responsibilities with 1. The company in which trabaja.2.

The staff at your cargo.3. The users of the goods and/or services to produce.4. The society at general.5. Environmentally friendly. 6. Your other colegas.7. The country, considered from the macroeconomic point of view. Since then as discussed, all these responsibilities entail compliance with specific ethical standards. That is why the profession of engineer far exceeds the simple idea Calculator for other people.

World Meteorological Organisation

Sometimes we think that natural resources will hesitate us life, i.e. the media bombard us with warnings about the need to use these resources wisely, but we still don’t have full awareness of what this means in our lives. Let’s be honest, irrationally wasted water in the Peru, State enterprises are incompetent as to regularize the prices of fares, the absence of an appropriate policy for handling and aprovechanmiendo of this vital resource has resulted in waste and a powerful reason for privatization. It is also true that our country was vendecido with possessing a good part of this resource at the global level, but according to the World Meteorological Organisation calculates that, if current patterns of consumption, are not changed by 2025 two of every three people on Earth will live in conditions of social water tension, because the current level of spending is unsustainable. According to a press release of April 2010 date, the Spanish Fund of Cooperation for water and sanitation in Latin America and the Caribbean (Spanish Fund).

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), provided technical assistance in the preparation of the project to expand the supply of drinking water and basic sanitation in about 380 rural communities and small towns in the regions of Apurimac, Ayacucho, Cusco, Huancavelica and Puno the poorest in the country, benefiting about 206,000 people who currently lack such services or receive them poorlyIt will develop together with the Peruvian Government and Spanish cooperation over a period of five years. The Government of Peru will invest additional $18 million in the project. But according to another report, dated 2 July 2010, the Peruvian Institute of Economics, in recent years the sanitation sector in the Peru has not submitted great advances. Within the main existing problems we can mention the shortfall in coverage, both sewer and drinking water (23%) (38%), as well as the lack of continuity of the service of drinking water (17.4 hours on average). Also in this sector the problem arises of water treatment as long as much of wastewater generated is not receiving any type of treatment prior to final disposal. In this regard, Blog Action Day is an annual event that brings together bloggers from around the globe in the publication on the same topic on the same day. Our goal is to create awareness and provoke a global debate on an important issue that affects us all. This year is this playing with regard to water issues.