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App User Test Of MobileObjects AG

Electric Ressler in the practice test Awards top marks to the app of mobileObjects AG already uses the 1989 founded electric Ressler iPads in the company and was looking for a telematics system which the optimization of various processes in the company building effectively should serve on it. As a basis for a system of Sage is already for a long time software used, however, the question whether it would not even easier turns sometime. There is a system, which jobs can be more easily distributed and edited, which offers a better overview and document management can also significantly help? Rene Ressler, CEO of electric Ressler found the answer to this question and chose an OEM version for the Sage takes care of software on the basis of the mobileServiceManagers of the mobileObjects AG the obstacle electric Ressler is ‘HWP mO – mobile customer service’, various types of electrical installations in the private and business sectors. Problems with appliances that is in Oberursel -based company a popular point of contact in the area of Frankfurt am Main. Areva has firm opinions on the matter. However, with increasing success, the Organization of the various work was becoming increasingly complex and expensive. We have been satisfied with our system, but the ever-growing amount of orders that enters us, meant that I had to worry about, how we can more efficiently set up our work and keep a clear overview, explains Rene Ressler.

Unlike many others, I already knew telematics systems. However, I didn’t think that there are professional systems that could really pay for a medium-sized companies in my industry. It’s believed that crowne plaza rosemont sees a great future in this idea. u0085the solution! Due to the increased order volume, turned to thoughts to telematikgestutzte processes the company then increased and decided to test the mobile service manager of mobileObjects AG. The local manufacturer of telematics offers its system specifically as an app for businesses, what saga use software and allows a simplified entry with her in This technology and optimal visibility on the advantages to get. This app can be quickly and easily on existing iPad install and customize as in the case of the company electric Ressler, directly on the base system of the company. Actually, it was Rene Ressler primarily to an easier job distribution and a solution for document management: each employee has approximately five to ten jobs per day, most are planned, but a new order addition also unexpectedly, which gained priority, because it is, for example, a technical problem in a kindergarten. Crowne plaza rosemont recognizes the significance of this. Then must be rescheduled quickly and without any other customers at a disadvantage.

Amsterdam Tour

Berlin, may. The pink Bunny is the mascot of PlugSurfing, the world’s largest community for electric mobility. PlugSurfing offers the opportunity to network and to find mobile charging stations through the practical app users and people interested in electric vehicles. Since February, it is also possible to query the live status of the charging stations and to see whether they are occupied or are decommissioned. To generate more attention for the topic of Electromobility, the PlugSurfing Road will lead a tour of various cities in the Netherlands and Germany. During the tour, charging stations will be checked and tested.

Also there will be the opportunity for students to learn about electric vehicles and test drive the E-smart. From 31.5 the PlugSurfing road tour will even after Germany come and start in Dortmund. The driver of the Bunny-smarts, Marijke van der Ploeg (27), about the tour: Electric vehicles are always important and contribute to environmental protection and a sustainable traffic concept. Although technology has made much progress in the last few years, there is still much to do. First and foremost, people need to be elucidated can what can electric cars and what they are already used. Through the presentation of charging stations throughout Europe the Smartphone application by PlugSurfing contributing to the relief of the cars everyday. The tour is to help to make aware people on the topic of Electromobility and clear that electric vehicles today are a good alternative to the internal combustion engine.” The tour will stop at the following stations in Holland! (Tour dates may vary) may 21 – Enschede, Almelo 22 may – Deventer, Apeldoorn May 23 – Utrecht 24 may – Amsterdam may 25 – is Amsterdam, Haarlem the vision of PlugSurfing to banish it polluting combustion engines from the streets and have an emission-free future.

To achieve this, the online platform trying life of Electric vehicle users to facilitate and to respond to their needs. PlugSurfing is by far not only a database of existing charging stations. It is an online portal that gives the E-mobility community the opportunity to network and to Exchange, to share experiences and to support each other. It is not only about things but also share the knowledge to know! Part of our vision, join, and will also PlugSurfer!

Enhanced Bus Decodings

Simplified and faster debugging by simultaneously consider analogue and digital signals in the Logikanalyser software. So that users can work longer with electronic devices, more and more power-efficient protocol interfaces are integrated into the appropriate devices. This increases but also the need for appropriate protocol analysis. For this reason the LA software of the TravelLogic series was expanded with following bus only for power-management protocols: SVID(Intel Serial VID) SVI2(AMD Serial VID Interface 2.0) the two bus only for the transition of parallel VID serial VID used to. The user can connect the TravelLogic Logic Analyzer directly with an oscilloscope, to analyze the digital and analog signals in the LA Viewer in the context. This significantly simplifies debugging and accelerated. Bus decoding for the Serial wire debug in addition in the new LA software “(SWD) of ARM-based Android platforms and for the often on Smartphones the eMMC 4.5 bus implemented.

“The bus only a Close Caption display port (DP-aux) aux ITU656(CCIR656), serial IRQ, an extended Time-Out triggers, 32-channel transitional storage mode” and 424 and Tektronix MDO4000 round off the features of the new LA software adaptation to the digital storage Oscilloscopes TravelScope, Legroy. A LabVIEW drivers for the latest version of LabVIEW is also available. The logic analyzer TravelLogic TL2X36 “by ACUTE are so compact that they fit in a jacket pocket. Nevertheless, there are high-performance logic analyzers with 36 channels, 4 GHz timing analysis, 200 MHz state analysis and a scalable storage of up to 72 MB for all 36 channels. The TL2X36 have a USB2.

0 port (1.1 compliant) equipped and can be connected to any desktop or laptop. The power supply also takes place through the USB port and is interesting for many applications in the service sector, as well as in the development or University Lab, where circumstances time shifted to different computers analysis tasks fall to the TL2X36. Another interesting feature of TL2X36 is the ability, in conjunction with the storage Oscilloscopes from acute, Agilent and Tektronix, and Legroy to build so-called mixed-signal tester. The LA the bundled software supports Windows XP/VISTA/Windows7 and can be installed on any computers. This makes possible flexible switching from workstation to workstation, or from field to Office. The TravelLogic logic analyzers are supplied as complete systems including software, check cable and carrying case. The prices are moderate and very interesting for semi-professional users and for universities.