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VDB Building

On Saturday, the 3rd 2011 opens the shop by Torsten Rathmann and Dirk HERBERG its doors in the district Mollen, Voerde / Niederrhein. The benefit of the business concept which is both independent and vendor neutral consulting by Torsten Rathmann and Dirk HERBERG. Dirk HERBERG, expert for building biological instrumentation, explains: us it’s important only products that we have tested to offer. All materials are free of questionable ingredients, or the existing ingredients are specified. Also, we would like to inform many, often unknown properties. Lime plaster is active against mold and is very good for allergy sufferers. Perhaps check out NY Governor for more information.

Clay is a building material used by humans for over 4,000 years. It stores heat particularly well and perfectly regulates the humidity. Special clay plasters also have a protective effect against electromagnetic radiation.” In business you can see application examples of the decorative effects with clay and lime as Wall – and ceiling plaster are possible. The design ranges from subtle natural colors for creative wall design. The range includes also products for preventive protection against ElectroSmog. Nourishing and cleansing agents for wood / Cork floors, tile / stone surfaces and linoleum/carpet floors complete the offer. The years of experience by Dirk comes to the product selection HERBERG as application engineers and building biologist VDB, so also the measurement and analysis of pollutants on site is possible.

The appropriate materials can help the new building, the purchase of existing real estate or the housing renovation, to minimize burdens or avoid. Again and again, topic is also the renovation due to mold infestation or pollutants. This is most effectively carried out with ecological materials and due to the natural properties of the material to share an alternative on the spot. Torsten Rathmann is pleased with his colleagues on the new shop in Voerde: we would be pleased, if to many people inform how to enable a conduction and healthy living with natural materials.”

Active Constructions

Active construction (ACS) today confirmed the start of construction of a new climbing park in the grounds of the Adfunturepark leisure centre. Active construction (ACS) today confirmed the start of construction of a new climbing park in the grounds of the Adfunturepark leisure centre. After weeks of intense planning we finally”, says Kess-Jan Verwaal, head of the Development Department of the Dutch company, focusing on the design and construction of innovative climbing plants for indoors and outdoors specialist has. Joel Bruinsma, a Managing Director of Adfunturepark, and if all goes right, the new facilities to the available end of November visitors’ we wanted, a concept which fits our current range of halls and free air climbing”performs. We know the indoor climbing walls that built ACS in Germany,”added Jesse Oenema, Bruinsmas business partners.

We liked the approach there realized. In this respect, the selection was the for us Order company not hard.”the project in Dokkum not just in putting together a course layout which is then installed in a Hall”, Verwaal says. Our clients wanted to also have someone who could help them in establishing a parent theme for the existing indoor and outdoor climbing facilities. Very particularly because themed activities nowadays are much more attractive to customers than any more traditional approaches. Chance of finding a complete climbing experience customers want.” The approach elaborated in this context also caught the attention of regional administration: Adventure Park is State-supported in the framework of the business support programme of the circle of Dokkum. “The city of Dokkum was from the outset fully on our side,” says Jesse Oenema. “In the end we all have the same goal: Dokkum to bring back on the list with Holland’s best outdoor leisure facilities.” Active constructions: Active construction (ACS) is one of the leading manufacturers of natural climbing park in Europe and distributor of active forest ECO forest climbing park, as well as active challenge high rope gardens, climbing towers and playgrounds.