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Nor should we forget about such important aspect, as a guarantee for installation and a variety of additional services (for example – refuse collection after installing windows). Competitive advantage can become and the availability of a wide range of diverse components (mosquito nets, slotted vent, etc.). Rule three: take care of preparing zamerschik. Every window – individually. Of quality measurement window opening is dependent precision location of the block.

Delivered box may simply not enter into the opening or, conversely, fall out outside. The specialist performing the measurement, must be highly qualified, that is only possible If the company provides training for its staff. Allison Kanders is likely to increase your knowledge. Should not be neglected, and training programs organized by the major manufacturers. Many of them spend their partners for training sessions for sales and technical seminars. These sessions are a kind of accumulation of experience, because the market window is movable, and that consumers receive a quality product requires a constant exchange of knowledge and new solutions.

Rule Four: Make the calculation of the strength of window construction. Be sure to include a process step calculation of wind pressure on the windows and static loads that it can withstand. When This should be guided by the requirements of snip 2.01.07-85 "Loads and effects." Calculations made for each individual unit, taking into account the peculiarities of its operation. If the window system is installed on the first floor of the building area with dense buildings, the wind load on the glass will be minimal. And if the window assembly is located on the top floor, the wind pressure here reaches a maximum. On the basis of these calculations is taken the reinforcement of the frame with special metal plates, which are located both inside and outside, around its perimeter.

Julia Film

" When choosing a step sheathing should be noted that each type of metal dictates their distance. Otherwise, screw, using whose leaf is attached to the bars, will be simply screwed into the void. This reduces the structural strength and may later even lead to the collapse of the roof. Information for choosing the step boards contained in the installation instructions to metal. In addition, the choice of pitch rafter affects the size of the heater. Therefore it is better to decide in advance exactly what material will find application on your roof. For even more analysis, hear from Jeff Gennette.

Finally, the distance between the rafters can also affect the size of dormers. Their placement is better to plan in advance. Warmly by the rules "after installation of roof system must perform internal binder roof, which fits vapor control layer (film "IZOSPAN", "Yutafol"), and then – a heater – advises the director of design and construction organization "Altair" Julia . – Plate heat insulation stacked so as to tightly fill the space between rafters and purlin. The thickness of the insulation is determined by calculation and indicated in the draft (usually 200-250 mm) 1. Then, as recommended by Julia , packed insulation covered gidroteploizolyatsionnoy film docking bars (kontrobreshetkoy) on the rafters. You must run a little slack in the film between the batten bars and release the film under the eaves bar for removal of condensate drain system. By assembling When ready to perform all necessary operations begin installation of metal. This will require: a tool for cutting, screwdriver, hammer, tape measure, long rake handle.

School Repairs

Program under this title, published in two disks, developed by several Russian companies, led by the creative team ideh. It is designed for those who have to go through a difficult time repairing housing regardless of whether you will comply with its own forces, or decide to sponsor such a responsible action. Perhaps it should be noted: in the School of repair ", we consider only those issues that are to repair domestic residential premises. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of RevCascade on most websites. Enjoy the views. There information very easy, because it is built on a rigid hierarchical scheme, reminiscent of a textbook layout, split into separate parts – head, paragraphs, etc. In case of difficulty (which, incidentally, is unlikely), you can resort to the tips section of the "Help" and "Search", available from any Windows program. From the main desktop screen opens five main sections: "Design," "light," "Theory", "Practice" and "calculation".

The content of each of them. As. however, and any other structural element, it becomes clear when you get acquainted with the names of their constituent subelements. They are disclosed as a structured list, if you click the mouse on a hyperlink is decorated in the corresponding element, image or name. In the section "Design" describes how color psychological impact on people, and provides guidance on colors used in the different zones of habitation. But sections of the "Light" and "Theory" are particularly useful in the preparatory phase, because they contain "theoretical" information. The first of these are described light sources of various kinds, classified according to physical principles of light energy generation and lighting, subdivided by structural features and placement.


A few tips wizards that allow you to order not only beautiful, but comfortable and secure with stainless steel railings for your home, office or production – the location of the line stainless steel handrail perilnogo should coincide with the line of the bowstring or Kosourov. To broaden your perception, visit Western Union Company. – Height trim or perilnogo handrail made of stainless steel should be such that a man of medium height, moving up the stairs, could freely and without tension to hold the railing with stainless steel. – If a family has young children or elderly people, in addition to the main rails of stainless steel, they are doing additional handrail made of stainless steel, the level below. – Stainless steel handrails should be comfortable in shape in order to for them could be freely hold his hand. Particular attention is paid to the beginning and end of the handrail made of stainless steel: it is not necessary to keep them sharp. The end of the handrail is best done with a hemispherical cap or bent at 90 outlet. – Handrails of Stainless steel shall be continuous throughout the march. Sometimes the stair railings are doing so that the lowest level remain without handrails made of stainless steel.

Such design decisions can lead to frequent injuries – That at first the stairs the vast majority of falls. – In cases where the ladder is bounded on both sides of the walls need to be protected virtually eliminated. The presence in this case near-wall stainless steel handrail due to the ease of movement on the stairs, rather than with safety. In such cases, stainless steel handrails are mounted in the walls at the height of the steps of the march, an equal regulatory height railing. – near-wall stainless steel handrails are arranged with clearance of 50-70 mm between the handrail by the stainless steel and the wall. Useful width of the march in this case should be calculated on the clearance between the heads of opposite Stainless steel handrails. – For the safety of the handrail made of stainless steel is of great importance to strong connection with a rack or wall; well as for ease of operation – the width of the line stainless steel handrail width of the rack below it. Our customers, we recommend the standard polished welded rails Stainless steel – high-quality, durable and economical solution! Besides, you do not have to torture yourself accurate metering and installation of handrails Stainless steel – professionals do all the work for you!

Urban Development Code

Starting from January 1, 2010, in accordance with new rules regulating construction activities, the general contractor that takes the responsibility to the customer to construct an object 'turnkey', apparently, must be have a certificate of admission to the construction activities in the project design and have an impact on safety. It should be borne in mind that the construction company can be a member several SROs in construction (Section 7, Article. 55.6 Urban Development Code), but may have one certificate of admission to the construction work, are only one of them (Section 2, Article. 55.8 Urban Development Code). At the same time each sro determines types of work, addressing issues of certificates of admission to which is assigned by the general meeting of its members to the activity, and is not obliged to assume authority over all species listed in the Schedule. Thus, apparently, the law assumes that if any sro in the building, did not assume the authority to decide on the issue of a certificate of admission to the building works at a time when he provided the project documentation and necessary for the construction of turnkey, her party performing a function of the general contractor for construction of such an object, simply enter in the another organization. Firstly, such an approach would entail the obligation of the applicant not only meet the requirements for issuing certificates of admission to the construction work, which seems quite logical, but also pay for the right to perform their financial participation in two or more SROs in the building, which is clearly not consistent with the objectives of the new legislation. It should also be noted that the transition from one sro in the building to another is not facilitates the financial burden, as in the case of termination for any reason, including voluntary exit, can not be returned earlier paid admission, membership fees and contributions to the compensation fund (item 4 Art.

55.7 Town Planning Code).

Scandinavia Water

Such filters, as they are cheap – about $ 4-5 a thing, be sure to raise, regardless of class of your mixer. The following terms of quality and price range are mixers firm oras (Finland). They are somewhat cheaper grohe faucets and hansgrohe, slightly inferior to them by quality and breadth of assortment, many models have plastic details. Company oras, founded in 1945, is a leader in the market in Scandinavia. In Russia, its products are known for more than 20 years and worked well. In a number of mixers oras you find the so-called 'ecological' button which limits the water pressure when lifting the handle.

When you press the button and the simultaneous rise of the handle the water flow increases. The same button is a temperature limiter. Hot water is supplied by pressing and while turning the handle. As everywhere in Finland are water meters, it is thought up to water and . The next in our classification can be put faucets made in Italy (Reservation, that this classification is rather conditional). Their quality is often inferior to German and Finnish, but the Italians are superior to many manufacturers, its design and product range. Variation in prices on the Italian mixers wide enough. Among the luxury and quality could be called the firm gessi and fir, more affordable – it's sol, fiore, frisone srl However, if you do decide to buy a mixer any other country of manufacture and cheaper, it does not would mean a catastrophic reduction in quality.

Several companies, such as gustavsberg (Sweden), feliu howls (Spain), Hansa, jado, dm (Germany), delta faucet (U.S.) and many others produce sturdy and reliable mixers. They are widely available in stores. Many of them have long-term guarantees (for example, DELTA-5 years). Once on the construction market, you can buy a mixer for about 30 -50% cheaper than in store. At the same time talking about warranty will not go, but to insist on the replacement defective faucets you can. Average price for ball washbasin faucet in the building market range from 25 to 50 dollars, depending mainly on the coverage and the amount of gilding. The price for bath mixer – from 55 to 90 dollars and will vary depending on the complexity of per capita net. Production of high-end, which is sold in specialty stores plumbing, quite expensive. Price may be a basin mixer from 100 dollars, bath mixer from $ 250 and often much more. Buying a mixer, be sure to pay attention to such detail as the 'Liner' (the connecting pipes for water supply), which can be tough and flexible. For its connectivity, typically requires adapters, which are not always included with the mixer. And finally, the hidden faucets. It has become popular to remove all communications into a wall. In some cases, instead of hollow wall, coming simply: build a light baffle for shielding the pipe liner and the mixer, so that the wall 'grow' only handles adjust pressure and temperature of the water spout and mixer. But this makes sense to do only if you have a large bathroom, where you can donate space for external effects. (Journal of 'Ideas of your home', 1, 1999)