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National Bank

Once entered all documents before the financial operator authorized by the National Bank of housing and Habitat, it will proceed to credit analysis to determine the viability of the mortgage loan. In case of being comprehensive documentation and if applicants are eligible for the provision of housing policy, will proceed to perform the notarisation of the mortgage document in the public registry of the locality where the property is located. It is important to highlight that credit operations are approved as people comply with all formalities laid down in the legal regulations and to reliably demonstrate the capacity of housing policy loan payment. It is why the importance of proper advice having intended to pave the way for the mortgage loan is approved in the shortest possible time and with a high percentage of success. The system of housing policy is a mechanism to bring workers and professionals to get your housing solutions, with advantageous conditions, such as the interest rate, the repayment term and conditions of the mortgage, so that the user of the system has the possibility to realize its target of obtaining housing. One of the negative aspects of housing policy loans is referring to the maximum amounts provided, since due to inflation, the housing units be revalued constantly, but not so, resources directed to the system of housing policy. It is therefore that if there is enough savings to provide credit operation, is difficult to buy the property that suits the needs of the family unit. One solution would be that loans be established in tax units, would thereby annually to provide maximum be adjusted annually, being more realistic when it comes to applying for a loan that covers 100 percent of the value of the property. Add to your understanding with Andrew Cuomo.

In any case, the families must have savings for the purposes of access to the system and see as well satisfied the need of having a decent roof. Our advice is that before embarking on the formality of the mortgage of housing policy, it is essential to have a feasibility study financial, since this will save you many headaches. If possible, have a financial adviser that guide you in the search for the best option for the purchase of your home with the housing policy.

Making Others Happy

Borrowing the title of the last book of Punset I am raising this reflection: why we are as we are?. The author says that you to change and I agree with that statement. When one asks what is the greatest thing that can make a person with his life I get as a response change. A change that allows you to resume a new path toward a new goal. When fears make Act of presence in people is when they feel really alive, feeling that anguish, those butterflies in the stomach, all that means nothing more than we are alive. How many times we have sitting in the armchair in our House, we’ve gone out to the terrace on our floor, we looked towards the infinite and have told us: I need to change, I must change this situation, this cannot continue and hundreds of phrases like that. Everytime we plan what we do with our life it is symptom that the big step is becoming closer.

One does not rise in the morning and says: I will change my life but that idea time-consuming in your head, over which one can imagine. They say that life is like a train track for where we all one after the other, but the end result or when you stop to think about what you’ve experienced comes to the mind that things more motivating or which would have enabled you to grow as a person was on both sides of this road and now is when you approach why never did decide to get out of that path. I believe there is nothing more distressing to consider why I decided not to take that step, although as human complexes have the ability to auto convince us that I didn’t have that step for our sake or because it was the right thing to make others happy. Those fears has put name and surname limiting beliefs, those are that, while sitting in your Chair’s comfort (that area you have controlled your routine, your space), preventing you access those other areas that could bring you a great opportunity to develop yourself both professionally and personally, those areas you think you I would reach but those beliefs come to your limbic, emotional side and raise you doubts after doubts. You want to change jobs and you see a good opportunity, a step forward, convinced and begin to assess at that time is normal they mislead the doubts, appear both internal and external beliefs: with this age change? and the mortgage? as is it say to my partner? do think with that age change?, and how we are going to pay the mortgage? this example can be extrapolated to all the situations that presented a change just to change the formulations in the questions. Why has us both decide? Because we are human and emotions not all manage them equally. It is difficult to get to control emotions and build value for the changes, it was always said that after a great disappointment, issue or crisis comes a big change. Would you know how to deal with those beliefs? How do you think that they could be overcome? I leave those questions in the air to know your rational and emotional side and soon I will give you some clues. Frank Fernandez Responsable of the Kaleidoscope programme in original author and source of the article.