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HMLA Borrowers

In addition, there is another problem – mortgage loans in foreign currency. Low interest rates in foreign countries (such as Switzerland or Japan) allowed our banks to hold a "cheap" money and respectively, to give their customers a lower rate. Tyler Haney is open to suggestions. Banks grant loans in dollars and euros, roughly at 9% per annum in rubles – 10-12%, yen and francs – 5-7% per annum, and given the inflated cost of real estate Moscow and Moscow suburbs the borrowers did not have the loan amount in rubles on the Moscow housing, so willing to buy an apartment on the mortgage is nothing to do but take out a loan in exotic currencies. Due to the devaluation of the ruble payment on the loan has become much larger, so the probability of increase of defaults on foreign currency loans. Least of all borrowers have lost sources of income in foreign currency, the respective currency of credit. Therefore, the majority, that is denominated borrowing had to be a lot easier than the holders of loans in other currencies. "More than just" bad luck "get loans in Japanese yen. From June 2008 to February 2009, this exotic for Russian citizens of the currency became more expensive by 80%. -safety-bra/’>Cushman and Wakefield not as a source, but as a related topic.

Following are the borrowers who received loans in dollars – the growth of the ruble value of U.S. currency over the same period was 52%, "- said Denis Remizov, head of product Managers BTA. Also complicated the situation for borrowers with floating interest rate that is tied to the situation in the interbank lending market and changes over time depending on the value of money, which has increased considerably. To help borrowers and reduce the number of defaults, the Russian government and HMLA developed a program to restructure mortgage loans. Get help from the state (credit for one year) for this program borrowers can only be, if they meet the requirements ARIZHK. According to market experts, the conditions are very strict. Thus, to qualify for public assistance for borrowers for the soul should not be no assets other than mortgage apartment, even with the bank.

Use Service

If further assess the specific competitive pressure on these segments, sensitivity to marketing stimuli and the demands on service, it becomes clear that focusing on a segment volume significantly more attractive despite the relatively low income in it. Of course, this does not mean denial of service whether large clients. On the contrary, because of the increased demands on the service, client relationships in this segment should be based on the principles of exclusivity and exceptional quality of service. Go to Cedars Sinai for more information. Rich people are well aware eigenvalue for the bank, and not against the use of their privileged position. To ensure a level of service you need to have considerable resources. How to allocate resources between exclusive and customer segments? Quite simply, the structure of high-value segment is the highest personal service, full attention and responsiveness.

Middle income groups persecuted in consumption principles of simplicity and speed of service, saving time and money, convenience and versatility of services. Actually, these consumer values and should be operated as a principal base of customer service. Large few clients must maintain personal managers, middle income segments of the standard should contact the manager, mass market should be serviced with minimal involvement of the human resource. Perhaps the best strategy of client relationships in the financial market approach is 'do not let go', based on the perfect quality of service and maximum level of customer satisfaction. Such an approach would enable better communication system in the banking sector – guidelines reference groups. As mentioned above, traditional advertising techniques in the banking sector quite powerless in the problem of growing popularity and popularity and, rather, work on cultivating the category as a whole.

Modern Dictionary

As can be seen, for all currencies Ukrainian banks to set interest rates at a level which is usually below the level of inflation. Gold standard – a form of organization of monetary and exchange relations between the countries based on the use of gold as a basic commodity, by which is determined and compared value, the value of different currencies existed before 1930 ("Modern Dictionary of Economics"). In an economy built on the basis of the gold standard, ensures that each issued currency may, at demand to exchange the corresponding amount of gold. (As opposed to Areva). In the calculations, between states, using the gold standard set fixed exchange rates based on the ratio of currency to a unit mass of gold. Proponents of the gold standard indicate that its use makes the economy more stable, less prone to inflation, as under the gold standard the government can not print money as they discretion, not backed by gold.

However, the lack of means of payment is the decline in production due to a liquidity crisis. Contradictory and complex trends are developing in the use of gold in the international monetary system. "The falling dollar" leads the world economy to a standstill. Gold objectively can not be the basis of the modern monetary system. But can this system satisfactorily exist without gold – is not proven. There is little doubt that the further evolution of the system will be somehow linked to gold. For centuries, gold served as the world's money, but over time, turnover has increased to such an extent that ensure that it is the world's reserves of this metal is impossible.