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Opossum Of Heidi

Way of life of opossum the opossum Heidi a celebrated star is now worldwide in Germany, and thanks to his role in the run-up to the Oscars. But the fate of the opossum from Leipzig Zoo is rather rare. Are faring less well in New Zealand, for example their conspecifics that apply there as a plague possums. The news portal reported about the way of life of Heidi’s relationship. Animal society is in Leipzig Zoo, where Heidi lives, not uncommon.

Due to her squinting gets Heidi however much attention, she owes their fame to this character. The cross-eyed Opossum has been posted even by Hollywood for the purpose of a forecast for the Oscars. Not so good undergoing their own kind, the possums in New Zealand, because there they are considered pest. Because they harm the forests and farm animals carry disease, they are hunted, poisoned, or caught using traps. Their skins are sold, while reflected in the meat of animals in various courts. Read more from crowne plaza rosemont to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

“The puke pub” campaigns for example, with dishes such as Possum pie and Possum hack and enjoys great popularity. Possum to eat, it is helping New Zealand’s environment and economy. The possums however living in America and are distinguished from New Zealand opossum, inter alia by their bright coat. They are not invariably popular anyway because they spend their time mostly with empty bird nests, cleaning out attics or looting of fruit and vegetable gardens. Possums are not stupid, because they can give you up to six hours long dead to escape their hunters. More information: company /… News.

German Customs

Quicker Yes also, where sitting but the dear little as well as on the plane. Of course you must be before tell, what airfield in the vicinity, so that the dear little dog has no way to his new home after a tiring flight. If then paid is, explains that the dog immediately come by plane. The flight with the arrival times will be announced and off goes the dogs flying post. Unfortunately there’s a little unexpected problem. You get a forwarded mail from an airport in France. In the mail, it is communicated that the German Customs makes problems on arrival of the puppies. Or the French? Anyway, an import tax is necessary.

This tax is new and has to be paid. Immediately, otherwise the dog is stuck. The customs duties amounting to 100 euros in addition, which you not only have to wear: buyers and sellers share the sum to 50 percent each. Please but now rapidly transfer 100 euro, 50 euro will be deducted at the handover of the dog from the balance of the purchase price. The customs rates vary something here. A program seems tailored to the naivety of the customers is now. So fast times required an extra flight insurance, 250 to 350 euro.

Or missing a shot. The Vetarinar of the airport calculated there also just 350 euros. No problem, will all of the remaining purchase price deducted or refunded. The puppy has already come after France. Otherwise, the dog at the airport will be moved and brought to the shelter. And since you must rescue his new favourite, the whole family or even friends of the joyous event are already informed, pushing up again money. Of course the sellers tried promptly contacted the buyer, but unfortunately, no connection can be produce from Cameroon. Upside, anything goes. It’s just like before. That’s why everything quickly via mail and Western Union. Now it continues. The dog now comes with the next machine. It of course doesn’t. If you see in the near future on the Terminal waiting for sad people with dog basket, must not necessarily be to a poor dog from the animal care… Receive on Dogs and cats breeders and individuals, as well as service providers such as dog schools, dog, pet and animal doctors. In June 2008, the new animal market was started by Ronny Multrus and Mario Jessat as successor of the established up there already for over two years in the dog market. Multrus holds the business and technical lines in hand there as owner, Jackson brings expertise in the dog area with over 30 years of experience as breeders, dog trainers and sportspeople.