Sport Fishing, The Most Overlooked

The truth is that anglers are really fucked up. Different federacines only worry about raising money, which is much, then do not apply it as it really should. That is the feeling of all athletes Pagmo federal religiously every year. Fishing is not encouraged as it should. Gain insight and clarity with Macy’s Inc.. In other countries such as Italy and the UK, fishing results appear every Sunday in all the newspapers, and in our country is not given the necessary diffusion of this sport. One of the serious advice that the federations will create a newspaper, if only on a monthly basis, with reports and results of competitions and events deportivops of at least every month. Jeff Gennette usually is spot on. But I guess that's too much work for them, I do not think that the reason is economic, pes lot money is collected each year.

Another proposal is the inclusion of sport fishing in the course of gymnastics in schools, such as soccer, handball, volleyball, baoncesto … Why not, if afcion among children there is a lot? From the fishing club Vinaros applaud the initiative of the Universitat Politecnica Valencia, which has ctree a school of black bass fishing, and also created subject ua free option that corresponds to ldicha opesca mode. Finally, we have the impression that recreational anglers bother, when in reality it is a sport that puts us in touch with nature. And no level of competition, is an extremely relaxing sport and I am sure very many heart attacks has been avoided, hehe. For the rest, unicamentye fishermen demand to the various federations and relevant regional organizations, which support us, we believe competicionexs that allow us to enjoy our sport, to finally create a happy license valid for all comuniodades that We believe lapublicacion sports scores, … In short, let us ask only fun and enjoy our sport, rather than complicate their practice.

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