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We want to share with our users and the community in general, the vision of Sage Software and Sage CRM business unit, especially about the future development of CRM platforms, CRM. Sage CRM owns three market-leading solutions to meet the needs of software technology to support companies CRM initiatives at the global level. These solutions are: ACT, SalesLogix and Sage CRM. These three platforms are used by more than 56,000 companies, totaling close to 3.1 million users. Therefore the vision of Sage on the topic is important to have it enncuenta, because of the impact that can have in the field of CRM. The vision developed by Sage is based on a high percentage in the feedback received on the part of the user base who make use of their products. Based on this has been created a vision that brings together three key elements; the interaction model of companies with their customers, the strategy of companies to improve their performance and the influence of the buyers in the business process. The unit Sage CRM business defined a vision for their CRM platforms for a period of 2 years (until 2010) which has established the following elements, based on the three previous routers: interoperability between different platforms of CRM with which has Sage CRM (ACT, SalesLogix and Sage CRM) concept of employees working anywhere.

I.e. not important place where employees of the Organization, are always may be connected to their work through systems that operate in different dispisitivos of seamlessly integration of solutions from business from beginning to end, whether it is information of the CRM, ERP or other information systems that support business processes we want to share this vision with our community of users and people interested in the topics of CRM, a company that with more than 3.1 million users in CRM applications, you want to send a clear message to the market about its vision for the future of CRM. To know in detail the Vision 2010 Sage, please click Click here to see a video in which Sage executives explain their vision (the English language). You can also get a document containing all the details (is also in English language) by clicking here. (requires a password to be able to download the document. Please write a note to get the password).

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