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We can calculate the weight of a shutter in two ways: B1) Take the weight you have in your bedroom or bathroom and put it in the hollow of the blind. Then lower the blinds so that it supports in the balance, holding the belt, so it is not tense. The weight balance check two or three kilos added it to be within the safety will be the weight that has to carry the motor of the shade. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Hikmet Ersek. B2) using the following formula: Weight = width (m) x height (m) x coefficient of the material (k). (K = 5-6 for PVC or aluminum for steel 13-14, 12-13 for wood). For example, if I have an aluminum blind slats, which measures 1.5 m high and 1.7 m wide, the weight will be: 1.5 x 1.7 x 6 = 15.3 Kg Within variety of motors for blinds that we are in the market (with limit switches mechanical or electronic, 40mm shaft or higher, with integrated receiver or safety crank, etc.). wholes themselves are all based on principle: The motor is housed inside the shaft (metal tube that is usually octagonal), anchored his head, the electrical connections are relevant and put into operation, turning, wind or unwind the shade on the shaft.

and why we have calculated the weight of the blind, previously? For two reasons: 1 .- If you installed a wrong motor (eg rotation with less force than we need to raise the shade), we can burn. 2 .- If you installed the engine whose power is sufficient for the blind to go up, save money, that if we put the engine as hard (as it is more expensive). Celestino Galan, team: We hope that this information has been helpful. Of course you can ask us any questions or problems you have via our website: or email address We will gladly answer your questions.

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