Mathias Gerlach BayCalculator

How much is the world? -Can answer that question not the free BayCalculator is also in the new version 3.00 yet. The tool will calculate but meticulously accurate, which costs the eBay seller must count, if they make a conclusion on the online marketplace eBay. While the tool already supports the new eBay fees model by February 20, 2008. The online auction site eBay to lower prices. The new eBay fees model, which entered into force on 20 February 2008, offers lower Commission rates and fees to sellers. Clear case: selling on eBay should be worthwhile again. Very quickly, the software company has conversion reacted and promptly made the version 3.00 of free BayCalculators on the home page. The clear and very easy to use tool is the perfect tool for all eBay sellers, because it all keeps one in the course of the sales costs in the eye and so closely can reveal, how high is the exact profit per item.

Helps the BayCalculator 3.00 already fully the new fees model by 20 February 2008 lead developer Mathias Gerlach: “Our many thousand users who already use the BayCalculator in daily use, can therefore now continue to use the program and must not only wait until we have adjusted the structure of fees.” BayCalculator 3.00: With shipping costs overview of the BayCalculator is extremely easy to use. On each side of the window the user all the facts enters to his sales application in the prepared data form, i.e. the number of to be articles, the starting price, the listing format, the category and many toll adjustment options such as “Subtitle”, “Frame”, “Highlight” or “Top Gallery”, to name just a few. Also the cost for the eBay picture service are taken into account. From this information, the program can calculate already the full eBay listing fees and sales commissions – on the cents exactly. In its analysis of costs of BayCalculator 3.00 not only comes with ‘normal’ eBay auctions, but calculated the costs of fixed price auctions, the buy now option, Dutch auctions, as well as shop offers.

Even before the cost of shipping the tool does not stop. The postage costs takes into account the various shipping forms and knows the postage of the Deutsche Post, DHL and also by sending Hermes. Once an article is sold on eBay the BayCalculator welcomes the obtained price, calculate then meticulously exact profit. Because that’s the amount of money that is left at the end on their own account. And that it ultimately matters. BayCalculator 3.00: Download your free the BayCalculator 3.00 is now available on the homepage ( products/freeware/baycalculator.php) ready for free download (1.45 MB). The program works under all versions of Windows 9 x to Vista. The from House many more eBay-tools for buyers and sellers. The BayOrganizer take care of carrying out auction for eBay, the BayHunter targeted searches for interesting articles and the BayWatcher Pro is very strong position especially when observing auction. Aborange VertippTop devoted the eBay typo search to find bargain auctions in this way.

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