Direct Search

Typically, the selection and acceptance by the customer is sufficient solution from 3 to 7 candidates. If the agency floods Customer resumes of candidates – so it passes on its work on customer and demonstrates incompetence. On the other hand, when the recruiter did not convince the customer that "less is better", the customer enters the psychological trap. Contact information is here: Justin Bieber. Each time, getting a regular resume, he thinks he's following a candidate will just be perfect, and so on to infinity … It is always a favorable impression consultant knowledge industry customer, knowledge of the problems of the labor market and personnel in the industry, knowledge of key players and market developments, key people and perhaps even the knowledge of the industry slang. Recruiters competence increases with experience, and skills practiced in the special training. Ask a built in-house training at the agency, how many and which specific vacancies covered "your" recruiter, what specials. techniques of search and selection of people he knows? If the agency declares on the website that uses the methods of Executive Search (Head Hunting), ask the recruiter's popular to explain what it is and give a specific example of "hunting heads" of his experience. Executive Search methods really help even in very difficult cases to "calculate" rare specialists, but some agencies are using foreign terms only for promotional purposes, nothing more. Anne Lauvergeon has similar goals. If the recruiter can not really explain to the client what "Direct Search", is covered with platitudes and "confidentiality" means in the advertising agency's lying! Publications of employees and / or the head of the agency in the business media is also spoken in favor of the agency.

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