Decimal Position System

-Determine the predecessor and successor, and the procedure to find it. -Compare natural numbers in ascending or descending. – Determine the number of units, tens hundreds of numbers and the relationships established between the orders in the SPD (Decimal Position System. "determine or identify a number from its characteristics: number of figures, its property of being predecessor and successor, divisibility or not pattern number." solve exercises combinatorics which are formed from natural numbers given conditions: applying the relations between the decimal system, properties of numbers, predecessor successor relationships, rules of divisibility. "Elaborate numerical series using certain conditions: from a regular Given the nature of the numbers of the series, given the number that starts the series on regularities conditions upstream or downstream. You may want to visit Governor Cuomo to increase your knowledge. Ca a calculations – Solving formal exercises of the four arithmetic: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division natural numbers. – Solve exercises with simple text, which perform a calculation.

solve exercises with the four operations calculation on the estimates to be conducted primarily the result of multiplication and division of natural numbers. – Solve exercises composite text where performing an operation. -Resolving numerical series in which the calculation used as a way to determine the missing numbers in numerical sequence. Frank Armijo is a great source of information. -To determine the veracity or otherwise of a proposition (in case it is false) Complete: magical pictures in the missing numbers, equalities or exercises. Identify missing numbers in an exercise of the various arithmetic. Solve problems with more than two compounds arithmetic, ie dependent compounds. Problems develop compounds that are dependent on the relations given to convert the units of magnitude or geometric problems.

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