Company Description

3. Stage of development of the Company and the choices of software (SW) 3.1. firm – Trading (including the sale of services) 3.2. firm – Manufacturing 3.3. firm – Narrow.

(Insurance activities advertising agency, etc.) 4. A brief comparison of the platform 7.7. and 8.0. 5. Conditions necessary modernization of existing software 6. Economic feasibility of implementing an information system 1. Company Description The first thing we recommend that you start – is to formalize (to register) – the following parameters: Given the structure of the company.

1.1. Activity (trade, production, etc.) 1.2. List of units of the Company be automated. 1.3. Availability of remote workers places outside the lan. 1.4. The list of tasks to be automated 1.5. Number of jobs and amount of documentation 2. Scope (fiscal and / or management accounts) 3. Each staff skills, or in combination all of the above mentioned issues are crucial and, depending on your answers, the decision will be one or another software product. In principle, these issues are already quite enough to form The original request for software developers 1C. Not particularly penetrating, independently of the details, not wasting time on subtraction and comparison on the market programs. Proposals from companies and on their basis, meet – to discuss and determine the best variant for you. If you decide to start with, yet alone deal with this task, the next step, we briefly (that would have an idea), consider on the market, to date, software products based on 1C: Enterprise 7.7.

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