Best Cuff Pressure

Korotkov, in 1905. Properly measure blood pressure by this method can only be a doctor or trained people – to influence the measurement result hearing and vision of man, which measures the pressure of the noise around on the speed of venting air from the cuff. Thus, for an untrained person, particularly the elderly, and even if necessary to measure the pressure itself is practically applicable method, despite the relative cheapness of mechanical blood pressure monitors. If you do decide to purchase a mechanical device, you should pay attention to the following: – cuff should meet the man's hand, which tonometer is acquired, in size. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as kinetic group by clicking through. Standard cuff calculated the circumference of 22-32 centimeters. If the hand is bigger, you should buy a larger cuff, and vice versa, Children are children's cuff.

If for any reason, measurement of the pressure on the hand can not, get a cuff on the thigh. Best Cuff – nylon with a metal ring for easy fixing it on hand when measuring the pressure itself. – Stethoscope usually comes with a tonometer. Ability to make some models are equipped with built-in tonometer cuff phonendoscope, which greatly simplifies the independent blood pressure measurement – no need stethoscope to keep it in your hand and take care of the correct location of the membrane. – Pressure gauge should be clearly distinguishable for measuring the pressure scale. Greatly simplify independent measurement of the pressure gauges, combined with a pear – in this case, the air drain from the cuff pressure gauge and a convenient location easily carried with one hand.

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