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New Draft Law

The silly season has a new discussion topic an outcry went through the German media, as the Bill was our family Minister Kristina Schroder to the public. Therefore young people may visit under 16 years from eight o’clock only major events in accompanied by an adult, where there is a licensed. Thus the binge drinking to prevent sounds good, is good, but whether it really brings something is time then. Dean gibson usually is spot on. Finally, we can see again young people who drink the hard alcohol in public together with older friends. Actually, there is the law, young people under 16 must get yet alcohol while 16-18 year old beer, wine and champagne to drink even after all. But most young people thanks to older friends get their alcohol as mentioned yet.

Nevertheless, the law is itself so a good idea is to observe that teenagers without adult just slip away because becoming more common and not too much drink, but that expose an enormous risk. About the complications the least worry here. But on the other side the question where the parents are in these moments is going to get here. Of course you aren’t here, if the kids watching movies, but a healthy interaction with alcohol should be taught but actually from the outset. Ultimately you cannot avoid of course as parents, if the child has seen times too deep in the glass, but if that’s the rule, you should begin to worry and actively seek the conversation instead of just gone to see how just unfortunately most parents do it. If then indeed, the draft law should become a law, it means a lot of change in any case.

So, young people would have to go together with their parents to concert, the public viewing, or other events. The question is whether these are not enormous financial losses for the economy. Because there will be not many parents together with their children to a Justin Bieber concert want to go. Of course you does likes like a child, but then, the cards must be bought twice and right there, wondering whether the parents would do that then is simple. But for the time being, it is only a draft and we will see what takes the time and how our politicians ultimately will decide. In itself, I think that there has been worse ideas. Desiree-Sophie Lepell