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Project Manager

Team training accelerates the development of viable structures and develop the qualities of the individual. (As opposed to 4Moms). As individualists a powerful project team, that showed last weekend when the team Anke Lambrecht in the Westerwald. Far away from everyday challenges participants provided, where scenarios and strategy exercises had to be overcome together. The findings have been harnessed on-site for the project. If concentrated skills for a project come together they are still not a top team. Anke Lambrecht supports the process of team development in collaboration with the Westwood adventures GmbH. When new teams come together or the structures of existing teams are still not efficient enough, accompanied by a coach is quite reasonable.

Especially an outdoororientiertes team accelerates the Group process. Participants were faced with challenges, which can be dealt with only as a team. Just for this newly formed team it was, that they become acquainted, define their roles and strengthen the confidence in each other. To develop viable work structures and increase the efficiency of cooperation. Find a common rhythm at the beginning, the participants were required to adapt to each other and to find a common rhythm. The first tasks demanded not only creativity and gumption, but especially common liaison and coordination of the individual items.

Find the usage at the right time. In addition to the fun factor and switch off from everyday life, each and every one took his place and took over its newly defined role. If the positions are clear, the cooperation is effective and goal-oriented. These findings could immediately demonstrate the team members at the next challenge. Woodland agree on a strategy on the 20-acre had to focus all parties on the location map and develop a strategy, how to reach the goal, the opposing force. They were called flexibly on the fortuitous to respond. Here you had to distribute their resources well and take advantage of different experiences. Roll, tasks and competences clearly define and insert that was the key to success. In this unfamiliar terrain, it was essential to let his practices behind in order to sit together for the whole. Quickly became clear is the essential link: communication, communication and communication. The training of teams is an addition to the services provided by Anke Lambrecht. With the winged way, Anke Lambrecht accompanied people with specific professional requirements on the way to achieve their professional and personal goals. Under the motto with ease to strength and success”, Project Manager helps you to keep self-employed or executives in it, their efficiency and increase your success. She offer special coaching power packages, such as seminars, lectures or workshops on the topics: motivation, performance, resilience and stress management. The cooperation of body and mind, through mental coaching and fitness components are for me essential for personal success.” More information is at teambuilding-teamtraining / or available. Anke Lambrecht