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The Association Revaloria it is a website about abortion that offers scientific articles, statistical data, and testimonials., is a website whose main objective is to reach women who suffer pregnancy crisis, doubts, insecurities, lack of information. To do this, the page has published a series of scientific papers, statistical data, personal testimonies that give to know in detail the reality of abortion today. The content published on the web comes from scientific sources. To reach the target page has been positioned in the first results of Google in the searches price of abortion, abortion cheap, free abortion. Through these three searches reaching this page around 4,000 people each month; Since there is currently a large number of women who are in crisis pregnancy situations and need information to know where to go.

The website receives around 500,000 visits each month. From, a non-profit association whose philosophy is to spread values with the means at our disposal internet, volunteers who work on the web respond the doubts, and offered to pregnant contact with certain centers of assistance to women, to receive counselling and psychological and economic aid. They had news of more than 10 young mothers who came to the web through Google in Spain in 2011, the volunteers were in contact with them, and thanks to the support and received help, gave birth to their children. The Association Revaloria creates, maintains web pages on the internet, to promote their aims, with 37 pages that receive around 6 million visits a month. Thanks to all those who collaborate becomes possible to the page to proceed. The Revaloria Association offers a series of benefits to all those who want to collaborate: well doing partner or through a timely donation which will appreciate crowd of people benefiting from Web pages.