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Alarm Button Simple Security

Alarm button – Technical means for instant alert on the subject. Alarm button or a button alarm system is part of the alarm to which, in addition to a panic button can be to add extra security sensors for various purposes: motion detectors, smoke, opening doors, breaking glass, gas leaks, etc. The principle of the panic button: 1. A protected facility installed station Instant alerts via gsm channel – the panel gsm dialer. 2. Alarm button is a key fob – remote control alarm. Western Union spoke with conviction. With such a transmitter can be removed / put the alarm is armed, include a siren or call the guards.

A panic button to call security to enable the gsm without the phone line is also called the alarm button gsm. Call by dialing and / or sms to a pre-recorded by the owner block dialing numbers. Install a panic button panic button Add enable fast and not expensive to guard the apartment or office security. Panic button installed for the protection of shops, stalls, booths or pharmacies. Alarm button in the schools established for the emergency rescue services and law enforcement.

No wires have a panic button gsm not, so installing a panic button, as well as its disassembly carried out independently for 5-10 minutes. Application of a panic button: security apartment security guard offices shops guard booths guard booths guard pharmacy school security price alarm button on the base of Major-gsm Pro: Alarm button – the remote control – 250 rubles. Control Panel – gsm module dialing * – 12 650 rubles. Total: 12 900 rub. * – The control panel is equipped with a siren, gsm antenna, and network adepterom