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NovaLink Solutions

Total solution for working alone the company in the last few weeks has NovLink successfully testing their solutions NovMail, NovAlert, NovConf and NovTax of the three communication servers of the Aastra IntelliGate range. Especially worth highlighting is the support of features in security and personal protection and supervision of NovAlert about the ATAS interface from Aastra. Highlights in the alarm field with NovAlert with the DECT terminals from Aastra can be received via the paging interface text messages with up to 160 characters and sent. If you are not convinced, visit Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. Another highlight is the messaging from handset to handset. Also, the user can distinguish whether a call through the normal telephone network is carried out or if an alarm by NovAlert. Depending on the type of call, a different ring tone sounds. If a person leads having a conversation in the QRA, NovAlert this automatically interrupts to deliver the alarm in any case. The ATAS – and Aastra SIP interface can full all functions of the alerting solution NovAlert be used.

“So it is possible, for example, that the NovAlert function protection of people working alone” is activated with the touch of a button on the DECT device. Also, position, motion and flight alerts can be triggered and evaluated with NovAlert over the sensors of the phone. Another possibility is the localization of employees. In this case, the current location of the DECT device can be determined and shown on maps, but also building plans. More common solutions with the Aastra 400 series and many more scenarios can be realized the other solutions of NovLink. For example, NovMail implemented features like voicemail and IVR as well as applications in the field of hotel and call center. With the product NovTax, call data are recorded, evaluated, and automatically to any Kommunikationskos-ten under control to have.