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Ugly Vehicle

After all, you nor were giving much attention, are not same? Another day shopping was in one to center here in So Paulo and, in a private space they were the models there (men and women) presenting a launched vehicle just in the market. I arrived, I looked at the tip car the tip, giving attention in design, later I entered in the car, I looked at the panel, detlahes internal and asked: How much cost? The youngster informed: R$70.000, 00. Then I leave the vehicle, looked at all again its detlahes and thought: Because I would pay R$70,000.00 in a generic and total tedious vehicle as this? The car was so common that it gave d. I was thinking how many people had participated of the development of the such vehicle and had approved all the stages of the process. He will be that nobody in the company if questioned if the people would be made use to change its vehicle for that total common car and still to pay R$70.000, 00 for it? Of time in when, I come across with something notable. Another day I was attending to the program of the fat person – the J Soares, not it Ronaldo – and one of the interviewed ones was one such of Rogrio Skylab – that I never had heard to speak. After answering some few questions of the fat person, it were invited to present one of its musics.

As soon as it started its performance, I gave account that was ahead of something notable, something different finally. While he was convulsed himself practised its bizzara dances, Rogrio Skylab insistently repeated the refro of music – ' ' You are ugly pra caralho' ' – ' ' You are ugly pra caralho' ' – ' ' Ugly pra caralho' '. One behind the other, it was presenting its musics, one more bizarra that to another one. It arrived to sing one 10 musics in the program and occupied two blocks of the program. He perceives that ' ' notvel' ' he is not relating with extreme quality.

The world is crowded of things with extreme quality and, exactly thus, the great majority of them is generic and tedious. Rogrio Skylab knows that its music is not for the masses, therefore almost everything that is constructed for the masses finishes if becoming generic and tedious. It knows that he will be able to continue to launch its albums that as much likes – and it will gain money with them – therefore the staff who consumes its products will be anciosos for the next launching. The problem is not the lack of ideas, and yes the lack of courage to implement them. It will be that you would risk to make something differentiated after having invested a good amount of money in its new business? Probably not! You go to prefer ' ' to be in mdia' ' for not ' ' to attack pessoas' '. After all, to make something very different is risky. It will be? Of my part, I will continue in the search for ' ' notvel' ' , in the hope to stumble, from time to time, in something that calls me the attention, makes that me to laugh or to cry, to be calm or very nervous, happy or very very sad. Something that I remember to me for much time and makes that me to want to comment with the friends: ' ' Ei, you saw that! ' '.

World Business Employees

For effective impact on the emotional field staff is desirable to conduct seminars and workshops on emotional intelligence for managers. This will allow managers to learn how to manage quality and their emotions to influence their emotions employees for cause. Small changes in standard operating procedures will also benefit. For example, such a simple item such as identification in the interview process when hiring a new employee of his life values and needs will continue to effectively motivate employees at an emotional level. Corporate culture should include a conversation about the inner world of man, his aspirations and desires, that will effectively influence the emotions of employees. Personnel management must necessarily involve emotional factors. And, of course, the style of management in the company to become, if possible, at least policy. Times change and directive management style is gradually disappearing.

For example, appropriate to the introduction of elements of coaching – one of the most effective styles of management to date. Coaching will not only greatly improve management efficiency, but also provide a positive impact on the emotional sphere of staff. To teach the basics of coaching, managers or to enter a coach on the staff – it is on the discretion of company management. Thus, the effect of variations in the emotional sphere of the employees pretty much just need to want to start changing in this area. But in any case, the effect is many times worth the cost. World Business is changing rapidly. Changing labor market. The possibility of any company is its ability to find and retain skilled professionals in their own, talented employees.

Financial incentives certainly play a big role. But an increasing role is played by emotional factors. And more and more of their role will grow. Do not take this into account in working with the staff will, at least, unwise. Only complex system of motivation, always bearing the emotional component would result from the full commitment of staff at work, the maximum efficiency and productivity.


Description of a mathematics lesson. Lesson given to a group of 9 year. Subject: Radicals – nth roots. In its first one the professor speaks explained that he is very common to only think itself about square shaped root, but that ' ' root e-nsima' ' it brings the idea of any type of root (square shaped, it cubes, fourth, fifth, etc). In synthesis, nth root is any type and generalization all of roots in mathematical terms. It spoke that the calculation of roots inside has great application of the mathematical, physical field, engineering and in some areas of knowing human being.

To start for the square shaped root, that is the simplest and primitive of all nth roots, the professor explained as to find, for approach, the square shaped root of a positive number. Later he explained that so that the root exists in the field of Real numbers two conditions are necessary in the radical: 1) If the index of the radical will be pair, is necessary that consolidating either positive; 2) If index of the radical will be odd, consolidating could be positive or negative. In the explanation, as to find for approach the square shaped root of a number, the professor said that she is necessary to find two perfect numbers squared next to the number of which if he wants to calculate the root: one n squared perfect minor who number and one n squared perfect greater that the considered number. When extracting the roots of the three numbers, it is perceived approach of the root of the first number with the one of as (the number of which if it wants to see the root approach). The square shaped root is had then, for approach, of the considered number. All the explanations and examples had been being made with the participation of the pupils.

Blinds Shutters

Caring for protective shutters is simple. This product is designed for outdoor use, so it is quite hardy and care will not cost you a lot of time and effort. What should I look for when installing and operating protective roller in order to serve you reliably for many years? Pairing, joints between the strips of protective roller (lamellae) must be kept clean, preventing clogging them with foreign objects, various (Especially – construction) debris. Clean the blades can pivot soredineniya soft (not to scratch the paint) brush, either – not much to blow this place an air jet, for example – from the cleaner. In the case of chronic clogging articulations of protective cloth roller can wound on the shaft with difficulty that may damage the springs of the shaft due to excessive loads, the box breakdowns due to the fact that clogged leaf roll may be greater than the calculated size and the breakdown itself hinged joints.

It is especially dangerous in this sense, the icing blade protective roller shutters – for example, if during the winter for protection blinds always gets water. In this If we have to understand where it comes from water and to take all measures to ensure its proper drainage. Care should be taken as the purity of the track and on time to clear them from the outside, casually got there items. Need not apply excessive force to control the protective shutters. If they are closed or open with difficulty, it is best to call a specialist to repair them than to try to eliminate the cause of their own failure. In protective roller shutters with electrical causes of mechanical failure could be failure to adjust the limit switches – so please, in the event of any failure to immediately call the wizard to repair, do not try to repair the engine independently. Cleaning is simple protective blinds – enough to wipe them with a soft cloth, vacuum, and in case of serious contamination – wash with an aqueous solution of any detergent. If these simple rules Your safety and comfort roller securely for you will last you for years! Order Blinds or Roller in Kiev, you can call (044) 383-09-54

The Signal

For in such a way, it can be said that this technique also is, of certain form, quantitative, since the area presented for the integrator supplies information on the hydrogen atom number that composes the molecule of a composition in analysis for RMN 1H. The signal of a hydrogen can be ' ' desdobrado' ' for one another hydrogen atom ' ' vizinho' ' , in case that they are in different chemical environments. In HC? CHb, assuming that the hydrogen atoms (Ha and Hb) are not chemically equivalents, the signal of Ha will be ' ' desdobrado' ' for the Hb and dubleto will appear in the one form. Then, the hydrogen atoms Ha and Hb (of adjacent carbons) connect between itself and the constant of coupling (j) is calculated in hertz (Hz). In case that Hb had two, the signal of Ha would be verified as one tripleto, having the central peak, the double of size of each one of the lateral peaks (with in the distance between the peaks, J can be calculated). In molecules of methane and etano, the hydrogen atoms are equivalents and the referring signal to these will be one singleto, for each composition. In the procloth, the two metilnicos hidrognios (CH2) are equivalents between itself, however they are in one ' ' environment qumico' ' different of the six methylic hidrognios (that they are equivalents between itself), then one is verified tripleto (in relation to 6H) and one multipleto (in relation to 2H). The RMN specter 1H of etanol shows to one singleto in d 4,50 (referring to the hydrogen atom ' ' trocvel' ' of the group hidroxila), one quarteto centered in d 3,40 (referring to the two metilnicos hidrognios) and one tripleto centered in d 1,20 (referring to three hydrogen atoms terminals, that is, of the group metila). The integrator discloses areas under ' ' picos' ' in the ratio 1:2: 3, coherent with the hydrogen atom number presented.

Desert Occidental

Photos:SuziJane, MarsW, Davof.Link Ver more photos of the Desert Occidental person – Ehud Rock is said farewell kissing the son in the face, – after that opening the trazeira door of the car it puts the hand in the right shoulder of Macmary fondling it with the face on the woollen hairy acochado one of its neck: – To delay me, if it does not worry, – I calculate that I will not lead more than what half hour. I only go to confirm some data of this document. Ehud Rock still raises the package with the hand turning it in circle for on the head, exclamando in high voice rouco: Hai! – Father, comes back here, – one instant only turns over for here! Olhe, has a hope on its gullet. Well-taken care of pra it not to fly. More close, please! – it leaves to catch it. – Ours, that pretty! I find that this its trip goes to have its broken secret would very please and me to know if today you in will disclose this mystery to them of hope of some years of incubation full, therefore I and suck we are each time apreensivas. – You the good one, son, do not pressure me! – Until soon! – Everything goes to run well! While it walked, thoughts of Ehud they gave to continuity to the dialogue in monlogo form seeing its Danyad and Macmary in the screen of its memory: – Son, I am going to confirm some data contained in this fragile parchment, only this. – It knows that it carefully is protected by two simple reasons: – the secret of its content and its fragility. – C Imagines a parchment with origin in year 600 and that it was opened by several indicated chosen personages of the sacred writings of some centuries of history.