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Documentation and Business

Working with documents – a mandatory component of any business person. Reports, contracts, proposals, estimates suggest moving from a job in the office of the chief, business partners, etc. And if within the same building documents can be transferred to the hands, then a trip to another office or mission require a reliable "store" for the securities, excluding damage or accidental viewing by unauthorized persons. Placing documents in a special pocket portfolio – not the best solution. Sooner or later they will need to provide a "second" side and a stack of different-sized paper, set to the table, will not be accepted seriously.

Even if your costume will be perfect, but the business offers a very favorable, the lack of necessary accessory smazhetsya all impression of the meeting and may not bring the results that you expect. Indeed, in many respects on how one conducts business is judged by its ability to pay attention to detail. What do you need in order to avoid such a situation? The solution is simple: take care not only about his own clothes, but also about the "clothing" to documents – folder. These accessories for business people fall into several categories. Among them, the address directory, models, fastened with a zipper, a model with a valve handle and a folder-folder portfeli.Adresnye Address folders are used when need to apply for a signature or approval. These products are made of cardboard coated with PVC film, sometimes – leatherette or genuine leather. Address folders usually do not have fasteners, but in order to documents do not fall out, provided some internal pockets for their fiksatsii.Papki the valve with a valve Folders are used to move a set of papers within the building and are often made of plastic. Model of skin or kozhzama already look different – more spectacular, more solid, in which documents can "move" out of the building into the building without fear of any of the summer sun or winter morozov.Papki with pens and folders, portfolios of business people whose work involves frequent patrols of the city, convenient to use a folder or a folder with a pen-portfolio.


Coach asks questions and listens to the client and the client on these issues responsible. Naturally, the questions are not arbitrary, but in certain method, which allows the client during the session to find the answer to his question, to find a solution to the problem, which he had set himself It should be noted that no coach finds these decisions, namely the client. Coach him in this only helps. We can say that a coach in this case acts as a mirror to the mind the client. Without a mirror to do, of course, possible, but with the mirror is still much more convenient.

This type of coaching will be of interest to anyone who wants to change, who want to achieve great results in business and in life. This is important for those who feel the potential and strive to develop it. Coaching is important for those who want to make the most of themselves in life, in business, be successful in all areas of its activities. Optimally to build a career, to achieve mutual understanding with others, improve efficiency businesses, improve their quality of life – all this and much, much more can be done with coaching. There is no such area, where coaching would not be effective. Coaching as a management style is becoming increasingly popular in around the world, including in our country. He is introduced as an alternative to very popular now a legislative leadership style, which, admittedly, no longer meets the requirements of modern business. In this case, Coaching trained all managers or, better yet, all of its employees.

Of course, it does not need to become professional coaches, will be enough to master the basic skills and tools of coaching to apply them in their daily work. It is important that all employees know what coaching is and what it is. Most often serves as a coach, manager – it's natural. But the same role may well play any employee of the company have the necessary coaching skills. When operating in the style of coaching a few right questions given at the right moment perfectly replace the long-term coaching and numerous references. It is important that in this case the employee does not just blindly received instructions and self finds the optimal solution of the problem, which is fully consistent with requirements management. Practice shows that this management style significantly improves the efficiency of both individual employees and teams can best reveal their inner potential, increase employee motivation. And, of course, this can save considerable time as an invaluable resource. In a coaching style of leadership may be interested in almost all companies seeking to improve efficiency management, maximum use of potential employees, creating a supportive and productive atmosphere within the company. It must be admitted that to date coaching – this is the best style of management. So who needs coaching? To coach an answer to this question is obvious: the need coaching to everyone. There is no useless coaching. No questions whose solution would not have helped coaching. Unfortunately, this answer is not so obvious for potential clients a coach. But it is rather a matter of time. Coaching is still developing in our country, very little information about it. The fact that coaching is effective, practical and environmentally friendly, said that eventually he will get commonplace. And today coaching is needed primarily for those seeking to develop its most full disclosure of their potential and achieve maximum efficiency of its business, their lives. And there are people in our country is becoming more and more.


Before proceeding to the immediate acceptance of the goods, you need to unload. When unloading by the movement of goods from vehicles heading to the platform. Unloading carried workers to the company, whose truck was delivered goods to the warehouse, so this may be employees of the firm provider, transport organization, company buyer. If the goods are delivered by our own transport, unloading is carried out warehouse workers. Unloading road transport involves the following stages: checking the integrity of the packaging, the primary acceptance of goods by quantity; stacking goods on pallets or carts; movement formed by transport units in the zone of acceptance or storage. Unloading of the goods may require the use of physical force, but in all cases, when possible, use equipment to move cargo.

To unload cargo use different types of material handling equipment: conveyors; Electric transporters choring. Unloading of vehicles should be carried out in strict compliance with established rules of loading and unloading. When It should pay attention to the special marking of goods. After unloading, the goods are delivered to the zone of acceptance, where decisions on quantity and quality. It should be noted that acceptance of goods in quantity and quality is one of the important components of the storage process. It provides verification of the suppliers of contractual obligations by the number, range, quality and completeness goods. Acceptance of goods shall be financially responsible employees of the warehouse (usually – the head of the warehouse together with the commodity), authorized the head or deputy head recipient enterprises.