Desert Occidental

Photos:SuziJane, MarsW, Davof.Link Ver more photos of the Desert Occidental person – Ehud Rock is said farewell kissing the son in the face, – after that opening the trazeira door of the car it puts the hand in the right shoulder of Macmary fondling it with the face on the woollen hairy acochado one of its neck: – To delay me, if it does not worry, – I calculate that I will not lead more than what half hour. I only go to confirm some data of this document. Ehud Rock still raises the package with the hand turning it in circle for on the head, exclamando in high voice rouco: Hai! – Father, comes back here, – one instant only turns over for here! Olhe, has a hope on its gullet. Well-taken care of pra it not to fly. More close, please! – it leaves to catch it. – Ours, that pretty! I find that this its trip goes to have its broken secret would very please and me to know if today you in will disclose this mystery to them of hope of some years of incubation full, therefore I and suck we are each time apreensivas. – You the good one, son, do not pressure me! – Until soon! – Everything goes to run well! While it walked, thoughts of Ehud they gave to continuity to the dialogue in monlogo form seeing its Danyad and Macmary in the screen of its memory: – Son, I am going to confirm some data contained in this fragile parchment, only this. – It knows that it carefully is protected by two simple reasons: – the secret of its content and its fragility. – C Imagines a parchment with origin in year 600 and that it was opened by several indicated chosen personages of the sacred writings of some centuries of history.

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