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Freedom Furniture

Freedom furniture is part of the Group Australian Freedom of which brands comoBay Swiss made part and Captn snooze. In general, the Group has 236 stores specializing in the sale of different brands, 4 manufacturing plants, sales above $900 billion and seven distribution centers. Forecast Pro is used to forecast the sales generated by 60 Freedom Furniture stores. Hepke Poutsma, Senior Planner of household products, is responsible for nearly 5,000 items that belong to this classification, sold through 60 stores of Freedom Furniture in Australia and New Zealand, forecast the describes how they have managed to boost their forecast process. Like many companies Freedom Furniture used spreadsheets to prepare their forecasts. Excel is a friendly and flexible tool, however is susceptible to human errors, such errors were affecting the final outcome of the prognosis in Freedom. One of the main drawbacks is that you due to the volume of information that is handled, the leaves of calculation designed for the forecast were acquiring unmanageable dimensions for any user consuming valuable time, another drawback is that given the size of the files, the construction of graphics for patterns is towards impossible. The company’s sales are highly seasonal, and continually introduced new products that are tailored to the preferences of their clients, many products did not have a long history, and even in many cases below two years, which made it difficult to any tool identify patterns of seasonality with the product information only.

Then the company not only needed a tool that could identify seasonal patterns but also could apply them to products with a story limited (less than 2 years). Sales in stores are highly influenced by promotions, then the fact of being able to measure the impact of such events was a requirement vital when selecting a prognostic tool. Due to the complexity of the process of prognosis of Freedom was necessary to have a tool that would be easy to use and flexible in its configuration.


That is, Stroganoff outfitted Yermak in Chusovoi to march to Siberia. Peasants were forcibly resettled from their homes for the construction of factories, their hands were the hardest work. The peasants were involved in work on the salt mines, to accompany the caravans of salt as the so-called boatmen. Typically, the money to peasants in return for cash counted obligations to the landlord, and are issued only to eat. One type of oppression of the serfs were fined.

Fines were levied for all sorts of misdeeds and even then, that the peasant girl who was 20 years old, never married. In Karagan, for example, was a special count's convict hut, where imprisoned and beaten for farmers without birochnuyu fishing, gathering mushrooms and berries. Money from the peasants beat in different ways. The very luxurious life of the feudal require a lot of money to travel abroad for weddings and other whims. Only one wedding Stroganova Natalia spent 240 thousand rubles. It's unbearable plight of the peasants – overwork, malnutrition, fines and harassment caused discontent among the peasants and the inevitable excitement.

In August 1776 and December 1796 respectively Zyukaya peasants, Kizvy and Christmas made a major rebellion as a sign of resistance to the feudal lords who decide to resettle peasants violent but in distant plants and crafts. These uprisings were brutally suppressed by the Bashkir horse sent from Perm and Kazan. Similar unrest took place in Karagan. The second emotion was in 1770 – 1771's, when the peasants of the village refused to perform duties Karaga Ocherskom on plant and salt mines.

Social Systems

The streets of La Guajira, their few avenues, sidewalks, parks and public places in general their are the backdrop to everything you would expect from a place where people congregate: satellite markets, social gathering centers, wall lamentations, observatories and political changes. Where there are people there are relations of exchange and dialogue and common spaces to serve precisely that. To integrate into society about the things he believes, of the problems that need solving; of the stories you want to count, of the data to find out. In short, the sardinel and the bus stop, also are meeting places and small urban convention centers to air topical issues.

All this is normal and what we have, unfortunately has become normal: The public spaces have become the place where evidence is one of the most serious problems of the peoples: the child poverty and absolute poverty of large number of citizens. Despite the programs launched by the administration department to combat hunger, yet the ambitious intention of the state to protect children and families by careful and expensive public policies, however the solidarity of the communities is a fact that poverty is present in our local geography as a sample the scope of economic and social crisis which the country is experiencing. Although Da see children with outstretched hand and with his little voice calling for a weaker currency to buy something, a piece of bread to satisfy their hunger or leftover food in a restaurant to feed his desire to continue living. Until recently boasted La Guajira have different conditions to those of other departments and was considered free of poverty for a long time since poverty was seen as an embarrassment to the whole society.

However, for some time now everything has changed and children (unfortunately are more children), driven by hunger, took to the streets to beg, and are now found thus solving their most pressing problem: of get even a piece of bread for hunger. To the above are added into the serious allegations about the existence of gangs in Maicao children which are cited in some places to have real battles in which the goal is physical assault and verbal form to the “enemies.” This has been without a strong reaction from the authorities, parents and the authorities responsible for ensuring the welfare of minors.

Loas children are the future as before they were considered but the present, today, and of course, tomorrow. If we let them starve or let from now resolve to bad its contradictions, we are forging a society that looked after this generation for him to account for everything that was not done on time. Therefore, it is best to begin to ask ourselves from accounts right now.